Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Go Cubbies!!!

I know, I know.
We're gluten for punishment.

But no matter what, I will always be a Cub's fan!!

So several years ago our college started an annual alumni event.  The event has been dinner and a Cub's game.  Our besties and us have made it a yearly tradition to attend these Cub's games together (actually we started our tradition before our school did :) )

So last night we continued the tradition!
Wasn't a big turn out but we had a fabulous evening!!

They use to do the event in August and the last couple of years have switched to the spring, so they have been a bit chillier.
Last night was no exception.  Freezing!  However, being the prepared people we are, we were all quite comfortable during the game.  I had on long underwear, long sleeve shirt, t-shirt, sweat shirt, North Face shell, and a down vest.  Ha!  Somer and I also snuggled under a Tinkerbell blanket. :) 

We had free wifi so I must say Somer and I were a bit distracted with talking and our phones but we did do some cheering!  We left a little early since it was a late game and we had a least an hour drive home but turned out to be an exciting end to the game and Cubbies beat the Cardinals!!!

We look forward to carrying on the tradition next year! 
Our first year!  That's Ryan, Somer (& Anderson in tummy) next to the Hubs.  And yes I put Bella's back up outfit on because everyone was saying what a cute boy she was!
Couldn't find a pic!?
Somer did we not go?

Miss Brynnie joined us and Ryan and Somer left baby Ellie 
(on oxygen and all) for the first time!
Sans kids!

7 months preggers with Brooklyn!
The hubs was traveling so Brynnie Boo was my date.  She didn't stop smiling the whole night. :)  And her and Uncle Ryan did not let the freezing cold temperatures stop them from enjoying ice cream!

 We were very thankful the giveaway last night was warm gloves!!

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