Friday, February 24, 2012

Birthday #2!

The day after Valentine's Day brings a very special birthday.
Our second birthday of February.  Miss Brynnie Boo's!!! 
Bryanna Karina is 4 years old now.  
Unfortunately, her birthday was the day I started coming down with my illness that I've been struggling with.  So her actual birthday was pretty low key.  One of our traditions is breakfast in bed with whatever cereal you choose.  Her choice was Lucky Charms.  Sadly, that morning we had Bella's conference at school at 7:30am, so she didn't get to eat it in bed but she gladly gobbled up her LC when we got home.  Daddy takes the girls on dates for their birthdays.  Brynnie wanted Potbelly's but only because she wanted a shake, so he suggested McDonalds but said he'd also get her a shake.  She happily agreed!
Headed out for her date!
Sharing their shake.  Love this pic!
 The next day, despite waking up with no voice, I was determined to celebrate this little one's birthday with her at school!  She was so excited.
Coloring her birthday poster with her friends Kacy and Anna (both sweet little red heads :) ).

 I brought and helped the class make these as little party favors, they seemed to enjoy it. :)  And Brynn picked frosted strawberry Poptarts as her birthday snack.
 After her classmates sung to her, she picked out her birthday gift.

 After school, we went to pick up Bella and Brooklyn at our friends' Kaitlyn and Alyssa's house.  Miss Cheryl made us a delicious lunch and made each of us individual cookie heart cakes, so Miss Brynn got sung to again.

 I never really got a picture of it but I also made her her shirt, it has a big 4 on it. :)
 Miss Cheryl even sent us home with a giant heart cookie cake to have later.  She's too good to us!!
After nap/rest time the girls ended the day with gymnastics.
Brynnie watching her buddy Anderson play his video games.
Brynnie's buddies each made her a card for her birthday, she was VERY excited to receive them!
We had a wonderful 2 days of celebrating our special middle baby.
Happy Birthday Brynn,
we love you!!
 Funny thing is when I ask her how old she is she says 3 1/2.  I told her, you're 4 now and she says no momma not till all my friends come.  So she'll be turning 4 next Saturday officially. :)

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