Tuesday, February 28, 2012

18 Months, really!?

I'm not even going to say it.
But I know you guys know what I'm thinking.
Baby Brooklyn is 18 months (Feb.23).
A little about Baby #3:
She is a terrible eater, but a great snacker.
I think if I put anything in a snack trap she would eat it, but sit her down at the table for a meal?  It's like pulling teeth.
Just this week we got her to have some chicken and hamburger.  Typically she won't touch meat with a 50 foot poll.  She eats most fruit and veggies are a hit or miss.  She'll love something one day and won't touch it the next, so I just never know what she'll eat.  I think she just likes variety so rebels a bit when I give her something the same, which is totally my thing. :)
She has become quite the snuggler lately.  She LOVES giving kisses and is quite hilarious with them, she gives them through her paci and all.
She is OBSESSED with shoes.  She is constantly asking us to put, any pair she finds, on.  "Momma, sue, sue, sue."
She is at maybe one of the most fun ages.  She is starting to listen to us a little more.  Thankfully, if we say no now, or give, or put down she has finally started to obey. We're still working on the the come here or stay here command.  Those probably aren't happening any time soon. :) And her personality is coming alive.  Another favorite of hers is to throw things away. Ha!  She loves being handed garbage and asked to throw it away.  What a helper!
She still isn't the biggest fan of being changed but its definitely getting to be less and less of a wrestling match.
She loves bath time with her sisters.  I just love listening to her belly laugh at their shinanigans in there.  She also is very good about getting out of the bath now. :)
She LOVED the little bit of snow we got this year.
She definitely hates being left out of what her sisters are doing.  The other night the big girls were on top of each other in opposite directions, pulling themselves across the kitchen floor.  Next thing I knew Brooklyn was climbing on top of them to be included, ha!
When the hubs took the big girls to the Father/Daughter dance a couple of weeks ago she cried for 10 minutes when they left. :(
She has become a lover of her paci. :(
We make her put her paci "night, night" when she gets up from bedtime and nap.  But recently she has taken to sneaking up to her room and getting her paci. I've heard 18 months is the ideal take away age but now that its here it makes me SO sad (and nervous).  She just looks so precious and snuggly when she has it and it brings such comfort.  SO pray for us as we attempt this transition soon.
She is OBSESSED with her blankie and babies as well.  She is constantly asking me to wrap her babies in blankets.
Her stats are: 22 lbs-the 25th%tile. and 30 inches-the 10th%tile.  Definitely a Domier! :)
She talking more and more, and we're catching more words every day.
I wish I could describe her personality to you.  She really is quite a ham.  Loves to laugh or make you laugh.  She's sweet and snuggly.  Constantly into everything and on the move.  She likes to test the boundaries but I believe she likes to please too. :)
She has four teeth on top in front and almost 3 on the bottom and I just noticed a molar on top starting to make its way through!
She sleeps 7:30-7:30/8 and naps from 1-3:30/4.
She still has the most adorable mullet, but it is tamed with sweet pigtails most days. :)
We love you baby girl 
and are just eating up your sweetness these days 
and cherishing every minute!!!
Brooklyn Blythe
18 months

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