Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Anyone for a little Extreme Trampoline?!

So February 9th I planned a little birthday outing for my hubster.  His birthday fell on the Super Bowl this year so we celebrated as a family the night before and as a group a little after.  I kept wanting to do something different for him and this Groupon landed in my inbox about a month earlier for Extreme Trampoline.  When I saw the picture I thought it looked like a total blast!

So he requested dinner at Tom and Eddie's a new burger joint in town.  It was quite delicious!  
After our tummies were completely full we headed to Extreme Trampoline (not the brightest idea).  I had told the hubs nothing about what we were doing so he was quite surprised when we arrived. :)  Love it!  
So they make you sign your life away in a form and then have you watch a short informational video.  Basically in the video it assures you, you will get hurt. JK.  Here's the sign before you enter the gym. Ha!
Watching our video!
Anyway, at first we felt pretty ancient since there were only teenagers there but quickly we got over it and had a blast of a night.  At one point the teenagers asked to play us in dodge ball.  I refused but the rest of group agreed.  First game they KICKED our butts, the second game we won but I'm pretty sure they let us, which was very nice of them. :)

Here's the gym, they have 3 of these sections (pictured below) separated by age groups, they have two dodge ball courts, and 3 trampolines that go into a giant foam pit!
It was such a fun night, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.  And I didn't even hurt the next day, so I was all proud.  Oh but then the next day, I could barely move, the hubs and I were SOOO sore!!  So fun to try something new and to celebrate another year with my wonderful hubby!

The hubs and I showing off our mad skills. :)
I have to say I took a way better picture, he took mine too soon, wasn't all the way up yet.  I swear I can straddle jump better than him, right?!

Happy Birthday Babe, I love you!!!

And thanks to our friends for being adventurous with us and celebrating the hub's birthday!

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