Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Little Bean Update

So February 23, smack in between her sister's 3rd and 5th birthday, this Little Bean turned 6 months old. Here are her other month updates: 1 month, 2 month, 3 month, 4 month, and 5 month.
As I type this (March 23) Brooklyn actually turned 7 months today, but I'll share today's fun pics tomorrow, still catching up! :)

This seems like ages ago and I'm trying to rack my brain with what she was doing differently from 5 months but not counting what she's doing now at 7 months....
Brooklyn is
15 pounds and 24 inches
She is still the sweetest, content, smiliest baby I have ever known.
She goes with the flow, patiently waits while I wrangle her sisters, and doesn't mind their antics!
By 6 months her schedule was like this:

8- wake up and nurse
9- cereal with fruit (half a jar)
10-12- nap
12- cereal with veggie (half a jar)
1:30- nurse
2-4- nap and nurse at 4
5- cereal with veggie and fruit (half a jar each)
6-6:30- nap
8-8:30- nurse and bedtime

She isn't technically waking at night anymore. I usually get up to use the bathroom at some point and I just sneak in and put her paci back in and then she doesn't make a peep! Its so great to get through the night, (pretty much) now just to get her to learn how to get her own paci. :)

She's grabbing things all the time and bringing them to her mouth.

She has flopped to her back from her stomach twice but is over it. She won't do it anymore. Still hates tummy time though but I keep trying!
But to be honest I'm not in any hurry for her to get mobile! :)
She's going through a little spell where she hates the bath again. Not sure what the deal is but we just keep trying and make them quick. :)

Love you baby girl, couldn't imagine our family with out you!


Cristi said...

Great - Super great pictures! Love the outfits. ADORABLE!

Lee-Ann said...

Okay seriously you and your hubby make some super cute babies! Your girls are gorgeous!

Kate said...

Wow, 7 months! So sweet!!

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