Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Christmas, really? Yep!

I'm so far behind, I'm a little overwhelmed about where to start!
Please bare with me as I go back and get caught up.
Since this is my way of keeping a record for our family, I don't want a 3 month gap in the details. :)

Here is a quick picture review of our Christmas trip to Colorado:

The girls did AMAZING on the drive out to Colorado, not a peep out of all three. Well, there were peeps, but only happy ones. :)
We spent our first 2 days in Fort Collins where my bro and SIL live. They have a cutest downtown. We were walking around looking at shops and Brynnie wanted to be carried. I had the carrier for Brooke and thought what the heck since Brynn was too heavy to carry. She thought it was great! :)
The girls had an awesome Christmas. The just love ripping open the gifts, almost as much as getting what's inside. Brynn also enjoyed opening Brooke's.
My other bro could not join us in person, so he joined us via Skype. We missed him!

One afternoon, when we thought Miss Brynn was napping in my parents room, we came in to find her like this. Someone had found my mom's make up. She was very remorseful. :)
Had such a wonderful Christmas with my fam.
The girls playing their new favorite game, Zingo, with Uncle Conor.

We of course hit the YMCA a couple of times during our visit.
Brooke tried it out but wasn't crazy about it. :)
One night we had dinner at a restaurant in an actual airplane. The girls LOVED it.
Another day, grandma took us to a Chuck E. Cheese type place that also had bouncies. Again they had a great time.
Us ladies got out and enjoyed a hike one morning.
Crazy it was December and we didn't need to be all bundled up. It was a beautiful hike.
Despite some steep points, the girls did an awesome job and the end was worth the work!
We rewarded the girls with some play time, at the park near the bottom, when we were all done.

One evening we hung out with an old friend of mine and her daughter, Celeste. It was so great to see them.
Brooke turned 4 months while we were there so I thought Mormor could do the honors of feeding her her first bites of solid food. She took to it right away!

Our last morning there we had breakfast at this adorable restaurant downtown Monument. It was delicious!
We had a wonderful Christmas with you Mormor, Poppi, Uncle Conor and Auntie Bonnie!
Again the girls did awesome on the way home. The last hour Brooke had had it so I went in back and just held her and she was fine. (shhh, don't tell)
After surviving a drive from Chicago to Colorado Springs, it made us realize we could probably travel more as a family but travel a little less expensively by driving!

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Kelly said...

What fun activities you had for Christmas! I love all the girls outfits.

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