Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Isabella Kathryn is 5!!

Aww, My sweet Isabella Kathryn. Here is an update on Bella and I'll post pics in another post so this doesn't get so lengthy.

Bella stats are: 40 inches and 38 pounds

No way has it been 5 years since that day I went in for a normal check up, and ended up in surgery having a baby a month before she was due! Bella is still the sweet, sweet girl she has always been. She has such a passion for learning. She is constantly asking me how things work and why it’s that way. She loves, loves, loves to write words and always wants me to spell things out for her. Her new joy is reading. She's definitely at the beginning stages but she's doing really well with it and likes to do it as much as she can. Since she wanted to read so badly, I've started giving her 5 words every week or two to memorize (we called them sight words in first grade- the ones kids just know- the, at, like, I , etc.). Her favorite thing is to point these words out when she sees them out in the real world. I've got some easy readers I got before I left teaching that she is already mastering. Can't believe my baby is beginning to READ!

We just registered her for Kindergarten- again that's crazy! We love her school- we're already there for speech. The office already knows and loves her. :) One of her dear friends from preschool will be going there too, so we are hoping and praying we can get them in the same class. She is super excited about Kindergarten but not interested in taking the bus, not sure where this fear is coming from but daddy assured her she didn't have to if she didn't want to- mommy and daddy aren't too thrilled about the bus either. It’s just not supervised enough and one way would be with older kids, yadda yadda yadda...

Although I have always felt truly blessed with what a wonderful little girl Bella is, I also want to be honest and try to address and work on areas where she struggles. One area Bella really struggles is being selfish. She has always been a master manipulator, especially with her sister. And she is usually always looking out for herself. At one point Bella used to be a terrible soar loser. She was very competitive and HATED to lose. We worked very hard with her on proper etiquette on game playing with others. And now she's terrific. She lets others go first, she celebrates if others win, and is a gracious winner. It took practice but she got it. So I'm hoping to take that same attitude and work with Bella on selflessness. It’s proving to be a hard one but in time I know she'll come around. :)

Bella knows all her letters (and most of their sounds, its great to hear her trying to sound out words already) and numbers to 20 (can count out loud higher). She can write and read her name, mom, dad, Brynn, Brooke, for, no, to, at, I, a, me, my, like, we, yes, up, down, am, stop, and the. She absolutely LOVED the study of dinosaurs she did at school. She is also currently enjoying the space unit. They are also discussing Jesus' miracles. She loves the story of the fish and loaves of bread.

Lets see what else......We just put a clock in her room and told her that her and her sister have to play in their room until 8 (they usually wake no earlier than 7:15-7:30 so its not too long). It has worked quite nicely!

Bella is still totally into princesses but she also enjoys Phineas and Ferb, My Little Ponies, Littlest Pet Shop, Barbies, knock knock jokes, playing house, reading, puzzles, LOVES Art- she has actually shocked me with her talent lately, playing outdoors, her friends, and her baby sister- she could try making her laugh all day.

Another area of struggle is with Brynn. Sometimes they are the best of friends. Coming up with creative games with each other and playing so nicely. But lately there seem to be more fights than moments of fun. Like I mentioned Bella can be manipulative and selfish and before Brynn would just take it and let it go. As Brynn has gotten older, she puts up with less and then of course a fight and tears break out. Brynn also has learned just how to push her sister's buttons so that doesn't help. :) Any suggestions??!!

Sorry to get so lengthy! Again I can't believe my baby is 5, sigh. I love you baby girl. You made me a mommy, my favorite job ever, and I will always love you and be thankful to you for that! Keep your sweet, tender, fearless, outgoing, and inquisitive personality always!

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