Friday, March 25, 2011

She's 7 months!!

I still have to pinch myself sometimes.

Brooklyn is the sweetest, most well behaved baby ever.
Smitten with her big sis.
I thought I got lucky with Bella, and even Brynn was a good baby, there's no way I'd get a third angel baby. But I did, and if its possible, she's even better then Bella and Brynn.
Since she was 8 weeks old she has gotten down to only waking once in a 12 hour stretch. Around 6 months she started regressing and waking up more often. Like I've mentioned before, I intended to let her cry it out. Unfortunately, all she does is scream for an hour and a half and ends up throwing up. :( I'm also torn with not wanting her to suck her fingers so I've been putting it off.
Recently, I had gotten her to make it though the night by just sneaking in there when I use the bathroom and popping her paci back in. Although lately I can't seem to wake before she does, and the paci just won't do for some reason. So now she's back into waking and insisting on being fed. Sigh. Just once though, and she ends up sleeping till 8-8:30, so its not so bad. I just feel she's in some sort of transition right now and we just have to figure it out.
Some day I'll sleep again. :) It also could be teeth (which I tend to avoid saying since Bella didn't get her first till 15 months).... I feel like if I can make it to the point where she can roll and get her own paci, we'll be able to let her go. She also is so stuffy right now I know if I let her cry she'll just gag and end up throwing up.
So anywho, that's my only struggle right now, I'll take that any day! :)
Right now Brooke's schedule looks like this:
8-8:30- wakes and nurses
9-9:30- Breakfast- cereal with jar of fruit
10-12 Nap
12- Lunch- cereal with a jar of veggie
1:30- Nurse
2-4 Nap
5- Dinner- a meat and fruit or veggie mix
6-6:30- nap
8-8:30- nurse and bedtime
5-6 am- quick nighttime feeding
I'm trying to break her of her 3rd nap so bedtime can be a little sooner but then she tends to wake another time at night, so I'm just leaving it for now. Its nice because the big girls go to bed at 7:30 so we have special alone time with our baby girl. :)
So as you can see we're going through some transitional stuff with naps and bedtime and just trying to figure out what works best. Other than that Brooke has gotten better at sitting up on her own. She can for a little bit but then tends to throw herself backwards. She still hates tummy time and has done the tummy to back twice but that's it. The other night she started pulling herself up on to her knees, NOOOO, its too soon! Just this week, she has started to not be in her crib where I originally lay her. So I know her being mobile isn't too far off. :( She says Dada all the time, grrr. We're working on mama. :) She's also says baba and gaga. :) She has also recently started this whole loud growling thing. Its quite hilarious. She eats like a champ. She loves solid food, I think a little more than me these days. :( She can put puffs and yogurt melts into her mouth.
Brooklyn loves, loves her sisters. She puts up with and enjoys all their craziness. Bella is pretty much the only one that can get her to belly laugh, she still likes to stifle her laughs. Interestingly enough being lightly tapped in the face is what gets her to laugh the hardest. She's drooling like crazy these days but no teeth.
She loves her exersaucer. Whenever I lay her down she is constantly crunching, she much prefers sitting up then laying down. She used to hate bath time but now as long as the water is right, sisters aren't too crazy, and she is sitting up she actually quite enjoys it. :) She hates having poopy diapers (the other two were never bothered by it) and she actually giggles when you change her.
Someone is super ticklish! :) She is super squirmy, constantly kicking her feet. Nursing is getting a little difficult cause she's easily distracted and the hooter hider drives her crazy. She loves to be held and the minute she gets eye contact she'll flash you world class smile!

Other than that I'm just trying to soak up every minute, enjoy her endless snuggles, and bask in the glow of her massive smiles!
Our family is all the better now that she's a part of it!!


Jessica said...

She's adorable! Doesn't it make you so happy when your baby loves their older siblings?:)

Kelly said...

Her smile is contagious!! What a cutie :o)

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