Monday, September 20, 2010

An Angel....

I have to break in on my bit of rewinding today for a special post.

My precious baby girl is 4 weeks old today!

Wow. Hard to believe. Although during the wee hour feedings, and while suffering from cracked and bleeding nipples (sorry TMI), I have found myself wishing time would pass quicker so I could feel more rested and not be in such pain, in the end that's not really what I want. Oh this sweet time goes way too quickly. I love, love the newborn time. The coos they make while feeding, the grunts they make in their sleep, the way they arch their back and stick out their booties when you pick them up, the way their sweet little fingers wrap around yours, the way they can sleep through 2 screaming sisters one second and be awoken by a gentle step of your shoe the next, the way they snuggle up on your chest, the way you can lift them with just one hand, the way they'll just sleep in your arms, etc.

Already, I look at my precious baby and she's looking so much bigger to me. : ( Although I long for pain free feedings and a full night sleep, I long she keep her tiny little self snuggled up on my chest longer. Don't grow up too fast baby girl. Mommy loves you!

So what is Brooklyn up to/like at 4 weeks? Well, like I may have mentioned before- she's an angel. She only cries when tired or hungry and even then is easily soothed. Thankfully, she goes 3 t0 4 hours between feedings. I got one 5 hour chunk out of her one night (but then big sister Bella woke up with a bad dream, so much for extra sleep). She, amazingly, is already on a (relaxed) schedule. Here is our day:

7-8: Wakes, eats, then playtime
9-11: Naps
11-12: Wakes, eats, then playtime
12/1-3/4: Naps
3-4: Wakes, eats, then playtime
4-6: Naps
7-8: Wakes, eats, bath time, night time routine, and down for the night (well sort of) : )
9-10: I feed her once more before I go to bed
1-2: wake, feed, bed
4-5: wake, feed, bed
and then we start the day all over again!

So what is she like? She's a very content little baby, she has my horrible toes, still looks so different than her sisters but I think she's has the Domier genes and looks most like Bella for now, she is SO noisy in her sleep (hence the fact she was moved to her own room as soon as I healed-2 weeks), when she is awake she is so alert and just stares at everything with great, big wide eyes, her neck isn't as strong as I remember her sisters' being at this age so we're trying to have a lot of tummy time to make it stronger, she hardly spits up at all (big sisters were the spittiest babies EVER!), she smiled at me once (but it may have been gas : ) ), she has the hardest time pooping (every feeding she grunts and groans working stuff out), she has a darker complexion like Brynn, I don't think I'll buy anymore newborn diapers (they fit just perfectly now and I don't want to have any unused), she finally now fits newborn clothing perfectly (she still fits preemie clothes lengthwise but her arms are a bit too long) so its only a matter of time before she outgrows them. : ( I'm currently nursing and pumping and she does great with both, she likes to be loosely swaddled and have a blanket snuggled up against her cheek (which I only do during the day), she sleeps anywhere great right now, after about 45-60 minutes of awake time I snuggle her up and place her in her bed, the bouncer, or swing and she drifts right into sleep on her own!! If I wait a little too long to put her down to sleep all it takes is her passie and some patting on her butt. Her sisters love her to death! They are constantly asking where she is and if they can give her kisses. They've taken to carrying their baby dolls around, having them swaddled in a blanket, and nursing them.

I hope to get back to catching up on the last couple weeks soon! Next to share is about Brooklyn's birthday!


HeatherOz said...

Well she certaily sounds and looks like an angel! Really beautiful pics!

Hilary said...

You have such beautiful daughters!!
I know how you feel in wanting time to speed up so you can "get back to normal" and get some sleep, but then you just want them to stay little! We want it all, don't we :)
I'm glad Brooke is doing so well...she is such a precious peanut!

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