Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Fourth of July Weekend (part 1)...

This weekend we had the wonderful opportunity to spend our holiday with some great friends of ours. They moved to Arizona several years ago, so we don't get to see them as much as we would like anymore. So when they are in town we hang with them any chance we can get. Their names are Geoff and Kristin. Geoff and the hubs were roommates (along with his other dear friend Ryan, who is part of the usual suspects) for several years before we married and have remained close. And we happily welcomed Kristin to the group when they married. : ) Since then we have had our 3 children practically all at the same time!

Their first born Eden was due before Bella, but since Bella was early, was born a week after.
Their second born Brynleigh (who, yes, they call Brynnie : ) ) was born in November and our Brynn was born in February. Just have to say our Brynn was named before theirs though. : )
And now our third babies (both hubbies were hoping to maybe add a boy to the families but both are smitten with their girls!)!! And their third daughter, Sailor (don't you LOVE that name?!), was born in September and our little one will be here in Aug. Crazy huh?

I was asking Kristin for help with baby names and we literally have the same taste in names so its no surprise we ended up with one of our girls having the same name. She loved all the ones I did, so I enlisted her to work on the hubs. : )

Anyway, we had a wonderful time spending a couple of nights with them and all the girls got a long SO well. Thanks guys for coming to see us and come back really soon!

Here's the clan (just missing Sailor) playing in Bella and Brynn's bunk bed:

Hard enough getting my two to take a nice pic!

Oh I could just eat her up. : )

Hey everybody is looking! Eden, Brynleigh, Bella, and Brynn


Kelly said...

Wow, what beautiful girls! That is so neat about how they were born around the same time as your girls!

Jules said...

That's sweet. They can grow up to be best of friends.

HeatherOz said...

That is just too much cuteness! I LOVE ALL of those girl names!

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