Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Little Bean Update....

Ok, let me back up. So two weeks ago I had an appointment with ultrasound. The ultrasound showed baby girl looked great, measured good, and fluids were where they need to be. They said she is 3 pounds, 12 ounces which is average for 32 weeks. Unfortunately, I had lost a pound (bringing my total to only 12 lbs.) and I was measuring about 3 weeks behind (29 weeks). So my favorite Ob wanted me to do another ultrasound today since now is right about the time I lost my fluid with Bella and just make sure things were still ok. Unfortunately, when the appointment was made they just made it a Dr. appointment and not ultrasound. My Ob is out of town and another Ob in the office just said to stick to the appointment. I let my nerves get the best of me and didn't just put it God hands which you think I would have learned by now. The doctor I was going to see today is very casual and "oh everything is fine type." He was the one that almost sent us home the day Bella was born by emergency c-section. So I was just nervous seeing him and having him not be real detailed in his exam. But most of my fears were put to rest quite quickly.

I went right in and the nurse weighed me. I was up SIX POUNDS!! So, either last week the nurse (or scale) was not working correctly (which I'm hoping was the case) or else Little Bean and this momma just had a humongous growth spurt in the last two weeks (so I'm not crazy for feeling huge! : ) ). So that brings my total to 18 pounds. I am still measuring 2 weeks behind but since my weight gain is back up and the ultrasound did show her at a good weight I feel much better. Just going to leave it in God's hands and try not to worry about it. I made my next two week appointment with another one of the Ob's that I really trust and caught my fluid loss with Bella so I'll feel better after seeing her in a couple weeks (after that we go weekly, yikes!!). Just going to enjoy feeling my little one kick around like a crazy woman for the next 5 weeks!

*Thanks so much to those of you that told me you were praying for us. It meant SO much to us. Obviously, our prayers are continuing to be answered. Thanks so much friends!*

Here are my ultrasound pics from 2 weeks ago:
You can only see her head and precious profile. During the ultrasound she was moving her mouth and sticking her tongue out, it was quite entertaining! : )


Kelly said...

I am so glad you had a good appointment!! That's crazy about the 6lbs!!! Must have been a malfunctioning scale/nurse!

Jules said...

Sounds like you had a great appointment, and the 6lbs is good too....

HeatherOz said...

So glad to hear it!
She sure is a cute little bean!

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