Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Little Bean Update- Warning: this post contains a lot of complaining....

So I wanted to give a quick update on our little baby girl, but will be updating again tomorrow after another appointment. Here is how I'm looking these days at 33 weeks (missed week 32)!
At my last appointment I was almost 32 weeks. I had actually lost one pound (???- which brings my total to 12 lbs., I'm thinking maybe they just weighed me incorrectly at my last appointment?) and was measuring almost 3 weeks too small. Thankfully, we had an ultrasound scheduled- due to my history of fluid loss and measuring small with my other pregnancies- and everything looked great with her. My Ob asked where I was hiding this baby! I honestly have no idea how I can be measuring small and losing weight because I feel absolutely enormous and feel like my skin can't take much more.

During this pregnancy I have been trying to really cherish every moment. After our miscarriage in September, I've just learned how very precious this little life in me really is. Also the possibility that this is could be the last time I am pregnant makes me want to soak up every moment too. Well as we get closer to the big day that is getting harder and harder. I am sleeping terribly these days- takes me forever to fall asleep and I wake up a ton. I also get terrible back pain with my pregnancies and the more active I am during the day (and with two little ones how can I not be!) the more I am hurting by the evening, so I'm struggling a lot with that. Also, although this is a great thing and I am thankful for it, this little one is quite the mover and, when she's up, has me quite uncomfortable!

Okay, enough venting. Overall things are going fabulously and I am thankful for a healthy pregnancy and little one! My Ob asked me to come back in in two weeks for an ultrasound just to make sure things are ok but when I got the reminder call it turns out they just made me a regular Dr. appointment. I called my Ob today and asked if I should still get an ultrasound but she wasn't in today and the nurse just said to come for the appointment because things looked okay in the last ultrasound. This has me a bit nervous just because this was exactly what happened with Bella and we just happened to speak up and she was born that day. So I just ask that you guys pray for us tomorrow and our appointment. Pray that God gives us the strength to speak up if we need to. I'm sure things are just fine, I just trust my usual Ob and she is not who I'm seeing. Thanks for checking in and praying for us! I'll update tomorrow with how it all goes down and a couple ultrasound pics from the last one.


Jenilee said...

hopping over from Kate's blog - I think you are allowed to vent at 32 weeks. :) lol I remember feeling so many of those things too. thankful yet uncomfortable! :)

HeatherOz said...

That's what I want to know! Where are you hiding that baby? Nice goin' on the 12 pounds!
I only gained 17lbs with my twins. I started out overweight and had to watch what I ate due to gestational diabetes.
I'm prayin' for ya!

Kelly said...

You look great- not enormous at all!! I think you can vent a little at 32 weeks :) Hope the appointment went well. I'm praying for you in these last few weeks of pregnancy!

PS- you can see so much of Bella in the picture of you!

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