Thursday, July 1, 2010

More on our perfect evening....

Well I mentioned on Tuesday about our perfect evening, and how Bella really enjoyed playing in the sprinkler and trampoline. I did not mention Brynn because it didn't really start out as enjoyable for her. Now something you may not know about Brynn is she can be quite a wimp timid about new things. When we first introduced her to the trampoline she was terrified of it. She was finally ok if I held both of her hands and no one jumped anywhere near her. Now we try very hard to break Brynn of her fears. We try to be supportive but encouraging. So little by little she has warmed up to the trampoline and now jumps freely without much fear (unless someone jumps really crazy sending her in the air)! Another thing about Miss Brynn is she HATES being sprayed, especially with cold water. She loves water and swimming, but spray her and she'll let you know her disapproval!

Well the other night I had woken her after too short of a nap (she fell asleep late) and so she was already out of sorts. So when we put her on the trampoline with the sprinkler she was NOT a happy camper. Again we tried really hard to comfort her but also to encourage her to be ok with it. The hubs held her hands and then held her in his arms and nothing was helping. She was even acting scared of the trampoline itself again. So after a little while we shut off the water and helped her to get comfortable with the trampoline again! Here are some pics:

(things aren't always happy go lucky around here : (- not a happy camper)
She was literally clingy to the hubs so tightly he didn't even need to hold her...
You would think we were splashing her with hot oil or something...
oh sweet baby
Finally daddy just held her and she was perfectly happy that way for a good 15 minutes. : )
Once the water was turned off our little Brynnie broke out of her shell and took off!

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Great action photos!


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