Monday, July 26, 2010

Good and Bad......

Well I just can't get my act together enough on Mondays to post something fun with pictures. Just wanted to hop on and mention, 4 weeks from today we will be welcoming our newest baby girl into the world!! I'm starting to feel more and more nervous about things now that things are approaching so quickly. 4 weeks?!

I was quite sad today. Having had two February babies, I never experienced retaining water or swollen feet (any suggestions on ways to help with these things?). Well with this lovely baby, I have learned about both of these things. It gets especially bad when I am extra active- like running a garage sale for 3 days or coordinating a baptism event at our church like we did yesterday. So today, just as a precaution, I took my wedding rings off. I'd hate to have to have them cut off or something. This made me very sad. I've got them on my necklace but still, sniff.

Anyway, baby coming soon and I'll eventually get my body back right?! I have an appointment Friday so be sure to check back and see how things are going.


Kirby and Anna said...

I saw your blog on the "blog roll" over at Jenna's Journey. My husband and I are waiting another year to start building our family, but I have a big baby itch now! I love reading about prego mommies, so I'll be checking in on your blog again soon. :)

Katie said...

Your blog is adorable! I love your color scheme! I have 1 little girl and LOVE being a girl-mommy! How exciting to be adding a 3rd girl to your family! What a blessing! I found your blog through Jenna's Journey and I will be checking back to see your beautiful family grow :)

HeatherOz said...

Oh my gosh! 4 weeks? It will be so exciting and fun!

Brittany said...

4 weeks! You can do it!! My first son was an August baby and the HEAT, & SWELLING was enough to make me thankful for my recent January baby! :) You have beautiful girls....I don't have anything pink in my house with two little boys, but maybe someday?!?! :) COngrats and good luck!

Kate said...

The swelling and retaining water is bad! I had that with Molly! And had it worse after she was born! Keep your feet up as much as possible, hard to do with 2 active ones, I know!

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