Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Wish/Check List.....

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. My time is dwindling away! There's still so much I wanted to get in......

So there are some things I would like/need to get or do before Little Bean makes her arrival.

* We really want to have one last summer bash with all our friends before Little Bean comes, but who knows if that will happen with our time running out....

*I need to get baby girl a baby book, yikes! So much for getting some of it filled out beforehand.

* I need to get our bags packed (I did pack up baby girl's things today : ) )

* We need some baby swings. We have one that doesn't work anymore. I like to have two so you don't have to lug it up and down the stairs if you have a swing lovin' baby. May need to see if hubs can get our one working at least....

* And maybe a spare bouncie- but that's what friends are for right? : )

* I'd love to get a Itzbeen! Although perhaps there's an app for that, there's a app for everything these days right? How about one that gets your newborn to sleep through the night.

* Locate our video camera and make sure we've got a blank tape.

* I'd liked to get my nails done with the girls before the birth. I did this with Bella before Brynn was born and she just loved it and it was a special time for us.

* I need to get newborn diapers!

* I need to get and put batteries in all of our baby gear!

* Get the baby car seat positioned in the car so the girls can get use to the new seating arrangement- we did this a couple days ago and so far so good!

* I need to barrow some baby bottles from friends! : )

* I think I need new bibs, mine sure have seen better days! I had some spitty babies!

* Speaking of spitty babies. I need to invest in some new crib sheets! They've been through two little ones and its time to move on. : )

* I want this diaper bag- in daisy pink of course. : )

* I'd like to get some maternity pics, nothing crazy or anything, just a couple sweet pics of me with my two big girls and maybe some with the hubs.

* Am I forgetting anything!?

* Oh yeah, I still need the perfect name for my sweet baby girl!!


Kris said...

Enjoyed your blog . . . your girls are precious! Praying all goes well next month :)

Janice said...

Hello! I stumbled across your blog from Jenna's. Your photographs are so good! You are a really great photographer! And... you will need a lot of hands to count your followers now ;)

Twice as Nice said...

Your girls are just SWEETNESS and God is blessing you with another one. Over from Jenna's Journey and will be back to see the your third "Sweetness"

HeatherOz said...

Uh oh, you're still trying to figure out aname? I'm sure as soon as you see her something will click? I hope you are able to get your list taken care of!

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