Thursday, May 27, 2010

I need your opinion.....

So as you may have read a while back, here , I took Brynn's blankie away except at bedtimes. She did really well with it and was good for several weeks.

In the last week or so, though, she's been kind of a mess. She begs for it constantly, stays in bed long after I woken her just so she can snuggle with it, cries easily, extra clingy, etc. I was reading in my Parents magazine about "Raising a confident, independent child," and it mentions to let them have their lovey as long as they need them. So I'm confused now. We took it away in hopes it would decrease her thumb sucking, which it does, but I don't want her to become more fearful, etc....

What do you think? Would I totally be confusing her, regressing, letting her get her way if I gave it back to her now? Also Bella gave hers up with no problem (but she's always been more independent, outgoing, and less attached to us than Brynn) and will she feel shafted if Brynn gets her back?

The hubs and I are leaning on the side of giving it back to her for a while but I wanted some advice from my fellow mommy friends!

Oh the struggles of parenthood!


Kate said...

I have no clue! We want to take Molly's pacifier away, she has them at night and naptime, but with moving, the baby, potty training, I keep finding excuses for her to have it! Good luck!

Christina said...

We are also trying to get Nicholas off of his binkie. We let him have it during naps and nighttime but like Kate said...we give in for numerous reasons. I say let her have it back. They are still so young and it wont last forever. If it makes them feel good then that's all that matters.

HeatherOz said...

That is a hard question! I have never been good at taking comfort objects away from my kids. We had to get rid of Lily's binkies when she was 2 1/2 cuz it was starting to do bad things to her teeth. She gave her binkies to Santa, who then gave them to babies that needed them. And she was able to buy a few new toys (baloon, lollipop, and a Sesame Street Bathtub toy). She cried for one night for her binki and then was done. Is it wrong to replace the blanket with something else? I don't know!

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