Friday, May 21, 2010

Baby Names....

Isabella Kathryn
Bryanna Karina

I just love their names. They're so beautiful to me.

We're having the toughest time!! We had Bella and Brynn's name already in mind before we even had either of them, never did I imagine I'd have to come up with 3 adorable girl names!

I'm very torn with Little Bean. Do we stick with the B theme or go a different direction? Will she feel left out? Technically Bella is Isabella so if we do another B name will Bella feel left out? Names are such a big deal, so permanent. I change my mind and want change everything so often I have to make sure its a name I'll love forever.

Here are some "rules" I'd like to try to stick with:
*I love long names so she can have a nickname- always drove me crazy I didn't have one
*I'd like the long name to be a beautiful but not uncommon name and the nickname to be more unique- I always hated that my name was so unusual and I could never find my name anywhere and, at the time of course, Bella and Brynn were more unique but I can find Isabella anywhere, although Bryanna (at least spelled this way) is harder.
*We're not tied to a B name but it would be preferred. A long name that starts with whatever but then the nickname starts with B would be awesome, can you think of any!?
*We are considering Yvonne for her middle name- after my grandma that passed away at the end of Feb.- so it would have to flow nice with that name and our last of course.

Here are some names I'm mulling over:
Braelyn- but what is a good nickname?
Bryleigh- but again nickname?
Brooklyn-Brook- but the hubs isn't crazy about this since we have no ties to the city of Brooklyn
Brylind- hubs suggested this with maybe Brylie as the nickname? Just not sure about Brylind...
Brittany- nickname Britta (but of course the hubs points out this is a name of a water filter- this is probably my top pick right now)

And then some other none B names:
Emmalyn-Emma- this was one of our favorite names before Bella was born and means a lot to us since we're both Swedish but then TV Friends (Ross and Rachel) went and had a baby Emma and it got way popular, I thought making her full name Emmalyn could make it more unique-this is also one of my favorites but then its not a B and it is super popular.....
Alexandra- Lexie or Lexa
Shailey/Shaely- Shai/Shae
Vienna- I LOVE this name, I was born there and I thought it would be special since it begins with V like the hub's name but then the Bachelor went and ruined it, Hubs was never crazy about it and now I'm sure he really isn't!

I don't know guys, help!


Jenn Miedema said...

What about Gabriella (not sure on the spelling) and you could call her Bria

Anonymous said...

I have 3 girls, and all of them have a long name with a nickname, although none start with B

Alexandra(We call her Ally, but Lexie/Lexa/Alex/Alexa are just as cute)

Genevieve (Evie)

Eleanor (Ellie)

Sharon said...

I like Jenn's suggestion...Gabriella "Bria" Yvonne Domier

Flows beautifully and fits all criteria (at least that's my pick)!

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