Thursday, May 6, 2010

The grossest thing ever- did I leave you hanging?!

So apparently if you follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter I left a lot of you hanging yesterday. Yesterday evening I posted that the grossest thing ever just happened to me. I did not elaborate. Allow me to do so today. : )

So the girls and I were out enjoying the beautiful afternoon weather while the hubs had a little Cinco De Mayo golf outing. We decided to clean up the backyard and head out for a walk before dinner. I noticed the hub's golf flag from his small backyard golf hole had fallen down.

I thought I'd be a nice wife and put it back up for him. I held the flag while I asked Bella to pick the balls out so I could put the flag back. She wasn't too excited to pick up the dirt covered balls but did none the less. So when all was clear I jabbed the flag back in to position.

Some dark, liquid mixture of goodness knows what went flying and just coated me. It smelled and TASTED horrific!! My cleanliness goddess got a bit on her face and hands as well and Bella got a drop or two.

Needless to say we did not go for our walk, but straight to the shower!! Sorry to leave you hanging! : )

The pictures aren't great but I had to of course, document this event!
Brynn showing off her messy hands, NOT a happy camper!
Oh this picture doesn't even do it justice. My hair was caked, all over my hands and up my arms..... yuk!


Kelly said...


somer said...

Oh, No! The picture of you is hilarious!

Kate said...

Aww! Gross!

HeatherOz said...

oooohhhh! That does not look pleasant! So glad you got a picture BEFORE you clened yourself up! Hahahaha!

Lee-Ann said...

Oh yuck!

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