Thursday, May 20, 2010

Little Bean Update....

Dear Little Bean,
Hi my littlest bean. Yesterday I got to hear your sweet little heart beat. Beating strong in the 150s. I am measuring right where I need to be but they are going to monitor it closely to make sure I stay that way. You have officially helped me gain 11 pounds. I was just mentioning this to another blogger friend, even though you're suppose to gain weight for some reason its hard for us mommies to wrap our heads around that concept, thanks to our society. I'm "ok" with it but my only fear is passing up your daddy's weight. :) I haven't done it yet, although came dangerously close with Brynn (darn skinny man), with the last two pregnancies so just help me out there, k. : ) No, no all kidding aside, just grow, grow, grow and continue to be healthy. In 3 weeks mommy has to get her lovely Rogam (sp.?) shot since apparently daddy and my blood don't mesh : ) and do the oh so tasty sugar test. And they said the appointment after that we can go ahead and schedule your birthday! Woohoo! You are officially big enough now that every day things are getting quite a bit more complicated to do. Bending over, carrying my babies, shaving, tying shoes, changing positions at night, and you know just getting up are just some of the things. : ) No, no overall I'm feeling great and enjoying my precious little bump (your daddy especially likes my bump- said I make a cute pregnant lady, such a sweetie). Gotta enjoy it before I'm huge right?! : ) Sleep is going ok. I'm up twice for potty breaks but other than that I'm able to sleep peacefully. Although, I have been having crazy dreams this time. The other night I dreamt I gave birth to twin, red headed, one year olds. Yeah, I don't know either. Anyway, I am very thankful that these are my only woes and I will never take any of it for granted. I'm just enjoying feeling you kick and move like a crazy woman inside of me!
I'm almost 26 weeks now but I took this pic back at 24 1/2 weeks
Excuse my lovely pic, I took it after a wonderful 7 hour trip back from MN and I was pooped!

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Kelly said...

So glad Little Bean is doing so good! You look fabulous!! You ARE a cute preggo girl :)

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