Monday, November 9, 2009

Tuesday Blog Hop- Ask a question....

Is there anything cuter than sweet baby toes?!

We have had three different close friends of ours have babies all with in a week this last month. I tell you what, it has not been good for my baby itch. Better keep a close eye on your sweet babies ladies! I have told you about our dear friends, part of the Usual Suspects, the Lymans. Go here to read their story. This past weekend the hubs used his wonderful photography abilities to capture the beauty of this precious new family and their sweet little girl. Since I did the editing of the pictures the hubs graciously allowed me to post a little preview. I of course wanted to show all of them but we'll keep Jake and Shari wanting more, for now. : ) I'll let you know when the hubs posts the rest on his site.
Could this baby be any cuter!?
I think motherhood fits her, what do you think?!

Nervous at first, but the minute he laid eyes on his little girl, fathering came naturally.
Who knew we could have a baby outside, naked, in November in Wisconsin!? God takes care of even the simple things, like bringing 70 degree weather in the middle of November. : )
Welcome to the world Katie Grace.

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Manang Kim said...

I love the Father and daughter picture it is so touching to look at. Thanks for sharing.

My entry is up

Surfie said...

In the fourth picture, your friend looks a lot like Annabeth Gish!

HeatherOz said...

You did it again! Changed your header! With so many darling photos of those cute girls it's a necessity! right?
And NO, there is nothing cuter than sweet baby toes! I could eat them all day (not literally)

LAURA said...

Beautiful people! Beautiful pictures!!! I can't think of anything cuter than sweet baby toes at the moment. :)

maddie/cadesmimi said...

Precious baby pics...there's nothing I'd rather look at!

Sweet Joni said...

Aw how precious! Thanks for sharing. And I laugh at this 'summer' weather in Nov. It's BEAUTIFUL here in Minnesota =)

Kate said...

So sweet! I love little bitty babies!! Congrats to your friends!

Kelly said...

Oh wow, these pictures are absolutely amazing! I wish we lived closer because we would definitely get your hubby to do pictures when our little girl gets here. Amazing job with the editing too!

Hilary said...

Wow, great job on the photos you two!
That baby sure is beautiful....makes me get the baby itch and I just HAD a baby!

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