Friday, November 6, 2009

How do you teach them to smile?

So yesterday's post got me thinking about Bella. I told you how when she was little she was a happy, content baby but was hard to get to smile. Well when I received the photography packages from Bella's preschool I decided to go with the lowest package possible, because even though my precious little girl is beautiful, she doesn't take posed or forced pictures well (and by well I mean it's almost impossible to get her to smile nicely and natural looking). Here's a little glimpse:
(these pics were before our wonderful SLR so poor quality sorry!)

We would jump, dance, shake toys and we would get nothing!

There's a hint of a smile!
She went through this stage where whenever she saw a camera she would say cheese, made for a lovely smile. : )
She likes to "smile" but then won't look at the camera.

So do you see why my expectation were low? So when I got the pictures I anxiously opened them up.
Well low and behold to my surprise, her picture turned out adorable!! I almost cried. She looks so precious and like such a big girl!
Sorry its a picture of a picture so its not great, but I wanna know, how on earth did they get her to smile so nicely?! : )


Kate said...

I am SO with you! Molly used to be a ham for the camera, now she clenches her teeth, and won't look at you! What a cute picture, she does look like a little lady!

Jules said...

I think we all get those "forced" smiles pictures. My kids were good at the "cheese" smiles. Her school pic is adorable. They seem so old when they get school pictures.

Kelly said...

What a cute school picture! She looks like a little lady all smiling for the camera :)

Jessie Neubauer said...

I like this new layout and the picture of the girls at the top is so good. Bella's school picture is so sweet.

Hilary said...

So sweet! Even when she's not smiling she's adorable :) But I have to say, her smiling school picture is her outfit, too!
(I can't wait for Raven to start smiling!)

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