Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 7....

To catch up on our vacation: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6
Our last day, Thursday, we had another adventure planned.
We were going to camp out at the beach!
Should be interesting with three little ones, especially a baby not sleeping great, right? :)
So that morning we packed up all of our stuff and after Brooke's morning nap headed to the beach!
The girls played all day in the ocean, sand, and with a little girl at the campsite next to us.
We got an enormous tent with 3 rooms (however they were just separated with a sheet).
Bella and Brynn slept in one room, Mormor and Poppi in the middle room, and the hubs, Brooke (in a pack and play), and I in the other.
We played ladder ball, built sand castles, cooked out, of course had yummy s'mores, and played cards after the girlies were in bed.
The big girls slept great. Brooke however, like I mentioned in a previous post, had been crying in her sleep this week and I was so afraid that she'd wake everyone that I jumped at every peep. The other thing was the hubs and I were sharing an air mattress that was impossible to get up in and I of course woke him with every movement, I even brought her into bed with us for a short bit.
So not a lot of sleep but a whole lot of fun!
Next morning the hubs cooked us up some yummy egg sandwiches and then we had to pack all our things up (our only regret about camping was only doing it one night, it was a lot of work and packing up to leave not even 24 hrs later) to get ready to fly home!
Once home, Brooke took her morning nap, while we loaded everything up (we had packed the night before).
We had to make one very important stop on our way out, In and Out just one more time!
Our flight home was definitely not as pleasant as the one out. Unfortunately it was a LATE flight and we kept Brooke up hoping she would nap again on the flight but I think it just made her over tired. She fussed and cried on and off for a good hour probably and the hubs was sitting next to her and lets just say he just doesn't quite have the patience for crying as much as I do, totally understand though. Brynn had fallen asleep on me but after a while I finally persuaded him to switch with me. She finally fell asleep and maybe slept 30 minutes and of course woke up cranky. So we spent the last hour and a half/two hours or so feeding her, walking her around, entertaining her. It was EXHAUSTING. We FINALLY landed at 10 to us but midnight IL time. Funny thing is a couple people told us how well behaved our kids were, REALLY?! I felt like the shuttles and baggage could NOT take any longer.
Finally we were home and got all the girls into bed and soon we were dreaming of our fantastic vacation!

I'm standing at the door of our tent for this picture. :)

Plugged up so she won' t eat sand!! :)
They were hiding out from the waves. :)

Cooling down for the night, so getting snuggles from Poppi.
Cooking us up some hot dogs for dinner.
Caught telling secrets while coloring and waiting for dinner.
Locked this one in the tent for a bit to get a break from chasing her everywhere. :)

Playing with their new friend.
Neighbors let us use their Ladder Ball game, quite fun!
S'more time!

Snuggles by the fire.

That night there was this thing called Red Tide, I guess, that when the waves crash it literally glows. It was an amazing site. Listening to the waves crash all night was so awesome.
Stayed up a bit too late trying to win at cards, I did not. :(
Good Morning snuggles!
Breakfast with a view.
Saying goodbye to the ocean. :(
And yummy shakes from In and Out to go!
Bye California and Mormor and Poppi! We had a wonderful, wonderful trip and are so thankful for many great memories!

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