Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 5....

This is going to be a big one! :)
Today was the big day!!
We were taking our three princesses to the happiest place on earth.
Up until this point we hadn't told the girls anything, however, they knew Disneyland was here and someone, ahem Poppi, let it slip a couple of times, so that morning when we said we were doing something fun this day I think Bella asked but we quickly said we weren't doing something that fun. :)
I had this vision of a big reveal as we pulled up to Disney and saw the big castle, but how its set up there's other things you see first. I was afraid they'd see something and I wouldn't catch their reaction. So as we approached one the major gates I turned the video on and said so do you see where we are girls?!
So totally couldn't see anything. So as we turned past it I pointed it out and I think finally Bella caught the Mickey statue and was like Oh Disneyland, like it was no big deal.
Talk about anti-climactic.
Oh well. They were still very excited to get in there!
Mormor got both girls Rapunzel dresses to wear into the park and Brooklyn was wearing a t-shirt that said "littlest princess."

There are two parks in Disneyland. We received a park hopper pass but the other park had a lot of the bigger rides and then a lot of shows. We thought we may run over there with the big girls to ride the new Ariel ride but it was down for the day. :(

So the first thing we did was of course head straight for the castle. The girls were ecstatic. We walked through it and there were scenes that walked you through Sleeping Beauty's story.
Next we popped in the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique and saw the girls getting their makeup and hair done. We considered doing it but just couldn't justify $50 a kid- so I curled up their hair before we left.
After that we quickly made our way back to the princess area in hopes to beat the crowd. The girls waited anxiously but patiently. Brooke conked out for a quick morning nap while we waited. Thankfully we only waited about 20-25 minutes. I'm not sure who was more excited me, to see them see the princesses, or them. :)
They met Princess Tiana and were very shy at first. Next they met Princess Ariel who they were so excited to meet. And next it was Belle- also thrilled to meet. Brooke woke up at this point and got to meet Belle as well. :) The princesses were SO sweet with them and the girls just soaked up every word that they said.
After that we met and went through Minnie and Mickey's houses. Following that we took a quick break for lunch- which I had packed for the girls.
After lunch we headed to Its a Small World ride and literally walked right on (the crowds were fabulous for us- one plus for going when we did). All 3 of the girls LOVED this ride. Brooke danced and clapped through the whole thing. Besides the princesses I'd say this was one of our biggest highlights. After that we watched some awesome street performers for a bit. Next we headed over towards the Nemo ride. On our way we stopped to see Tinkerbell and Odessa and also The Mad Hatter and Alice and Wonderland.
Mormor, the hubs and Bella enjoyed the Nemo ride and then the hubs, Bella, and I enjoyed the Buzzlightyear ride while Brynn and Brooke napped in the stroller.
After those two rides Bella asked if we could stop doing rides- she literally just wanted to meet the characters and get their autographs, they LOVED it.
Once the babies woke we stopped for some delicious ice cream.
Next we ran over to meet Rapunzel, which is literally what they had been looking forward too all day!!
It said 1 hour wait but it took 20 minutes!
They were OVER THE MOON about meeting her. I don't think they stopped smiling at her the whole time. She was so sweet with them.
After Rapunzel we went and rode the Peter Pan ride with the big girls. They enjoyed that one too! After that decided to run quickly over to the princess area again, hoping to see a new round of princesses. They don't let you see who's there until you get in and they're traded out every 15-45 minutes. SO we decided to just risk it and hope to see some new ones. The hubs was able to get a peak at some point and saw Cinderella and Snow White, so we were very excited! Unfortunately, the whole day we never waited more than 20-25 minutes for anything, usually much less, however, this time we probably waited 40 minutes. :( And when we finally got there, it was the same 3 princesses from the morning!! :( The hubs and I were more upset about it then they were, the girls were just happy to see them again. :) The crazy thing is each of the princesses said, "You're back!!" when the girls walked up. How crazy it that that they remembered them?! They did add Pocahontas at least.
After that we quickly grabbed a spot on main street while we ate some pizza.
The girls danced around and bought a balloon for Cookie while we waited for the parade.
The parade was another highlight of the day. Again, ALL 3 of the girls were mesmerized! Even Cookie just stared and loved it all.
Afterwards Bella and I got in line for this ride and we missed the first round but were first for the next round, unfortunately Bella REALLY had to go to the bathroom and just couldn't wait anymore, so we left. :(
After that I found the rest of the fam. in a shop. Stupidly we looked around for a bit wasting time and on the way out I asked what time they closed, thinking 9, and was told 8 and it was 7:59. :(
We raced over to the buzz lightyear ride because Bella really wanted to ride it again and wanted Brynn to also. We got there right as they closed it. :(
We were also bummed that they didn't do fireworks but such is life when you go when we went. The girls and the hubs and I still had a blast and a trip of a lifetime!
When we got home they were still very wired and excited to tell Poppi everything!!
Thanks for reading, now enjoy all the pics!
So to save time and space I put the pics into a movie, I apologize for the bad music transitions, I just quickly put it together.

Here's some video clips:
1. Brooklyn enjoying and clapping during the Its a Small World ride
2. Girls meeting Princess Ariel
3. Girls meeting Rapunzel
4. Bella in the Buss Lightyear ride
5. The girls dancing before the parade
6. Cookie wide eyed and loving the parade!

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