Friday, October 7, 2011

Random and Boring....

Ahhhh. How I have missed being on here. Blogging. I truly look forward to checking in on the blogs I follow and posting my thoughts or happenings for the day. And going almost 2 months without much has been KILLING me. Our summer flew by and then I blinked and August was over. September went almost as quick and now its October. I've spent the last 3 weeks or so updating our private family site which hadn't been touched since April, so that has been taking up every last spare second I had.

Also I haven't been sleeping great (and by me, I mean Brooklyn :) ). Since about the beginning of August she has been under the weather off and on. Then after her birthday she became a hot mess. Our sweet, content baby was no longer. She cries a lot at night and just not her normal happy self. Brynn had a never ending cough that we got checked, that Brooke got. Since Brynn's turned to be nothing we just let Brooke go. So then last week we FINALLY had her 1 year check up and turns out she had a sinus infection, fluid in her ears, and bronchitis. Poor baby. She has already been sleeping better and back to her much happier self. She definitely still has a stubborn, dramatic side- but that's part of her charm. :)

Where was I? Anyway , I've been so tired lately. My body DOES NOT allow me to follow asleep any earlier than 12-1am. And these days I'm woken at 7 to get Bella up and going, so being woken once or twice with Brooke was killing me. Its funny how quick your body forgets getting up every 2 hours. So I'm just struggling to get things done these days. Bill, cleaning, laundry is suffering. During my small afternoon break all I have energy for is turning on the TV. :( Anywhoo. I slept last night from 10:30-7:30 (except when the Hubs woke to buy his new iPhone :) ) and it was AMAHZING!! So long story short, I hope to be posting more!!

Wow this is the most random, boring post EVER! Sorry. All this to say, it feels good to be back and I hope to be on here more. Unfortunately, I've got to go back and catch up on things since I hope to turn the blog into a memory book some day. I guess that way you can see what we've been up to!! Hopefully, you haven't forgotten us in my absence!! :)

In case you forgot what we looked like! :)

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