Monday, October 24, 2011


Our next big event that I missed sharing about is our precious first baby started Kindergarten. I just can not even believe those words are coming out of my mouth, crazy. Its so surreal, after being a teacher myself, to be on this side of things now is just weird. I'm currently planning Bella's Halloween party and its such a dream come true. This may reveal how crazy I am but ever since I can remember I have dreamed of having children. Even in junior high when other kids were dying to look at clothing stores or what not, I was scanning Target's baby isle and picking out what I'd pick when I finally had children. I know I'm crazy. :) I always imagined myself going in and helping in my child's classroom and now its a reality! So crazy.

Anyway, its here. And my daughter is officially in elementary school. Wild. Well Bella was beyond excited about it. We prayed and prayed a friend of hers from preschool would be in her class and the Lord answered those prayers! We are so thankful that Kaitlyn and Bella will be growing up together.

We were hesitant about her taking the bus for several reasons and she also expressed not wanting to take it, so we had planned on taking her to school. However, when two neighbor friends of hers, in first and second grade, asked her to take it with them she was all about the bus! Can't even describe the feeling I felt watching my baby drive away from me. Only thing holding me together was we had family in town that was there too and the others at the bus stop of course. The other day I was really sadden as it struck me that my daughter is off making memories that don't involve me. Up until now for the most part, where she went, I went. I have memories of my elementary years and now she's forming her own. This excites me for her but also really scares me.

She's doing great and just loves it. She is already reading simple sight word books which makes this former teacher proud. And just warms my heart with all that she's learning. We really love her teacher. She has such a big heart for her students, she's a mom of young kids, she's very organized, and she emails updates 2 to 3 times a week! But most of all we love that Bella has Kaitlyn. We love that she has a friend that shares her faith. That she can quietly pray with before snack and can talk about their beliefs. We're just so thankful.

Here are some of the pics from Bella's new adventure!
This was orientation night, where Bella got to meet her teacher and see her future classroom:

Walking in with Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn and her teacher, Mrs. Kalata!
And the official first day!!
(dress made especially for her by Mormor!)
Walking to the bus stop with Rex and Zoe.

Oh be still my heart, stop growing so fast!

Rex and Zoe took such great care of her, sitting with her and walking her to her class once they were at school.
Came home happy! First day was a success! :)

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