Friday, October 21, 2011

Brooklyn's First Birthday!! (Gonna be a long one :) )

The Birthday Girl!
(well on August 23rd she was :) )
Brooklyn Blythe's First Birthday!!

I was the first of most of my friends to have a baby so I did not know the bigness of the first birthday. So for Bella's it was pretty low key. And since Bella and Brynn's birthdays are so close we've always just throw them one big party, so poor Brynn just shared hers with her big sister. So for Brooklyn I was determined to go all out. Well within our little budget of course.

Bella's was princess theme for her first so I was trying to think of something different. Birthday Express had this adorable, "Look Whooo's turning One" owl line that I just loved that I thought I was going to go with. Then one day Brooke was crawling around in her Pampers diaper and the little Cookie Monster on her butt grabbed me. Cookie Monster!! Perfect theme for our little Brookie Cookie. Although when I began to look around at local party shops all I could find was Cookie Monster with other Sesame Street stuff and on Etsy all the Cookie Monster decor was very blue heavy. So in my Etsy searching I came across Milk and Cookies theme. It was PERFECT!

So turned to my usual personalized shirt shop:

And she searched down a milk and cookie look for me and matched a cookie bow I had ordered!
She looked too cute!!
Each first birthday we've done a keepsake for the girls. For Bella's birthday our guests signed a onesie with little messages for her. For Brynn's we did a picture frame mat that our guests signed. For Brooklyn I got this doll that everyone signed. She immediately grew attached to this doll and has LOVED any baby doll she has seen since and even started saying baby. :)
For goodie bags, after getting ideas off of Etsy, my mom helped me make tags for everything. On the goodies bags the tag says- Thanks for making my party so sweet! The goodie bags just had a ziplock bag in them for guests to fill up from the 4 different kinds of cookies my wonderful mother-in-law and I had made. Also with their goodie bags each family received a jar with the dry ingredients for some yummy cookies! The cookie directions tied to them on a cute tag my mom also made.
Sorry these are so dark but I took them with my phone, never got it with our good camera. Over the cookie table I made a banner with Brooklyn's monthly pictures. Again my mom made the tags and I just glued them to clothes pins.

Sadly I never got the whole table straight on but here are the different goodies.
Since we already had many sweet goodies, I opted out of having a big cake and just asked a friend to make a small smash cake for Cookie. She did an amazing job!! If you're local here is her info:
We had snickerdoodle cookies....
(I had gotten all the glassware at our local Goodwill for no more than a $1-$3 each!)
chocolate chip.....
Chocolate chunk.....
And then sugar cookies in the shape of butterflies, hearts, dinosaurs, trains, and circles. For our party activity the kids decorated two sugar cookies to take home with frosting and lots of other fun decorations, sadly in the craziness I did not get a picture of the kids decorating. They also played outside with our water table, club house, swing set, and trampoline. We also served a simple lunch.
And of course we had milk and colorful straws- took this before they were filled- white and chocolate, we looked everywhere for strawberry but couldn't find any.
Somebody enjoyed having everyone's attention and being sung too. :)
She gingerly stuck her fingers in it but didn't try to eat it.

I finally put a piece in her mouth and she discovered the yumminess! :)
Ahh those big beautiful blues just slay me!

Big sis wanted in on the action.
She got over her shyness.
K all done! Someone clean me up please!
Brookie and her boyfriend having a moment. :)
Present time.
Watching the slide show of her first year. (I'll post that next :) )
So funny that Brooklyn's life has been completely documented on this blog. Many of you have been following us since I was taking pictures of her growing in my belly! :) Thanks for caring for our little bean and watching her grow. Thanks for praying, crying, and laughing along side us over the last year. She is one little spark plug and keeps us laughing daily!

Her party was the day before her real birthday, this was the only pic I took on her actual birthday. Sweet, sweet girl.
Brooklyn's current schedule:
7:30- wake
8- breakfast
9:30-11:30- nap
12- lunch
2:30-4:30- nap
5:30- Dinner
7:30- Bed

Brooke is a very sweet, snuggly, content little girl. However, if you want her to do something, stop doing something, or not do something she's doing than look out! She has already learned the art of throwing her self on the floor in protest. Its hard not to just laugh. She also has a flare for the dramatics. If one of her sisters takes something for her, she lets them know how she feels about it. She also knows just how to turn on the water works, with nice big giant tears. But she's also a major snuggler and loves to give kisses. She's very into babies!! Carries them everywhere. She loves "talking on the phone." She's an ok eater. She's a bit finicky about veggies but other than that, if you're eating it, she wants it. She still only has 2 teeth, which she got at 7 months so not sure where the rest of them are! She hates, hates, hates being changed or dressed. She will not sit still. She is, however, very helpful when putting shirts on, pulling it over her head, pulling her hands through her sleeves. She also will NOT keep bows, socks, shoes, or even pants on. When she wakes from naps she is almost always sockless and if her pants are loose she will be pantless. Her hair has also growing more and more. Couple weeks ago I put her in pig tails for the first time! She looked adorable. However its only growing in the back. I have no idea why but all 3 of our girls grow mullets. Their hair gets quite long in the back but the front takes FOREVER to grow! Just in the last two weeks she went from toddling around frankenstein style to being a full time walker. Only time I see her crawl anymore is to get to something to stand up on- she hasn't figured out how to stand up yet without using something. Our baby is officially a toddler, sniff. She is saying momma, dada, baby, and dah (for Beckham), she can say quack and grrr. She signs all done, more, and help and just the other day she told me she was one with her finger! She loves, loves her sisters. She plays a bit shy around others but never has a problem being left with anyone. She loves her paci and snuggling and rubbing her nose with her blankie. We always put paci "night night" when she wakes from sleeping, although she loves having it so it occasionally makes an appearance during the day if she finds one laying around. :) I recently tried to take fall pics of the girls and can NOT get a pic of Miss Brooklyn cause she will not sit still. She LOVES bath time. She is constantly trying to climb into the tub and she NOT a happy camper when you take out. She's in the 10th percentile for height and weight (18 lbs. and 28 inches), so tiny but tough! :)
Couldn't imagine our family without this precious little girl!!

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