Wednesday, October 12, 2011

And now back to August.....

So at the beginning of August I had the pleasure of being asked to be in a friend from college's wedding. It was taking place in Colorado so I decided to fly out there with little Cookie. :)

*Side note: I also decided to completely stop breast feeding before this trip, Brooke wasn't liking me much anymore anyways, so I was pumping. I just didn't want to hassle with the pump and if I needed to go over night somewhere I just didn't want to worry about it. So sad, but definitely freeing. :) Just wanted to remember that for our memory book.*

Before we left we were both really under the weather so I was pretty nervous about the flight etc. But thanks to your wonderful prayers (in case you're paying attention that was what my last real post was about :) ) we survived! :)

On the flight out there we sat by a mom and her 9 year old son. Now I would not usually think a little boy, especially a 9 year old, would take much interest in a baby. Well he did. He played with her the ENTIRE flight. He laughed when she knocked over his drink, he picked up toy after toy of hers, and even held her for a bit. It was WONDERFUL. Even one of the flight attendants took a liking to Brooklyn and asked to take her for a bit. Um, sure! SO thankfully our flight out went really well.

My mom and I had a fun weekend hanging out when wedding festivities were not happening. We were in Fort Collins, which is just the neatest town. I would just love to live there. Unfortunately, not feeling ourselves put a little damper on the trip. Brooke was good for the most part but slept terribly!!!! the first night. I could NOT get her back to sleep when she woke at 1am. She just kept screaming and screaming and I was so afraid she's wake the household. Agh! And on top of it, I felt so sick, so it was a hard first night. My super mother offered to have Brooklyn sleep with her the rest of the trip. :) Thankfully, she was much better the rest of the trip!

It was a quick trip but it was fun! Being a part of Sei's wedding was so special and fun to reminis on college days. And Brooklyn and I of course loved all the time with Mormor. The flight home wasn't quite as enjoyable. I had a very understanding man next to me but not a built in baby entertainer. :) Brooklyn was fine, not a fuss out of her, but it was like wrestling an alligator the whole 2 hours. So exhausted, but survived! :)

Here are the pics from our trip. I didn't bring our nice camera so they're all from my phone.

Plane Time!

So far so good, who knew how much entertainment cups could bring! :)
Our in flight entertainment!!
Enjoying the beautiful views in Monument, CO at Mormor and Poppi's house!

Hanging at Uncle Conor's house in Fort Collins for Sei's wedding!
Even got to briefly see Auntie Bonnie too.
Getting pampered with the bride!
Now our hair is fancy, now time for some make up!
The beautiful bride!
Me and the fabulous MOH.
Jen, Erin (another dear friend from college-who sang in my wedding 11 years ago- who was singing in the wedding), and me!
Playing at a near by park.
There was also a little spray park there too.
She was a fan of the puddles and watching from a distance.:)
They have beautiful flower gardens near the college that we enjoyed visiting one morning.

And then back home again. The hubs held the fort down with the two big girls great! Here was our adorable homecoming!
I snuck these pics off the computer with my camera phone, so bad quality, but too cute not to share!

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