Thursday, July 30, 2009

Longing for Miley....

So my sweet, second, baby girl has entered a new stage.  A hard stage.  Even though I beam with pride at Bella's, usually good behavior now, I remember very clearly when she entered this stage.  Whoever said its called the Terrible Twos was seriously misguided.  The "terrible twos" as its called really starts at about 16 to 18 months and goes until about 28 to 30 months.  Well my sweet Miley has entered this stage.  Just within the last couple of weeks her will has begun to grow strong.  If you touch her or even if her sister comes in her vicinity, she grunts or screams.  Wiping her face after a meal, arg!  Putting sun block on forget it!  Hug her just a little too long, and she'll let you know.  Or if she gets a toy stuck and can't get it out, she'll make you aware of it.  Anyone, but the Hubs or me (or sometimes including us), come near her results in an annoyed grunt or scream.  My only saving grace these days, besides the understanding and helpfulness of Bella, is Brynn's beautiful and shiny personality-on her terms of course!  Although she's usually shy around others, when we are at home alone she comes alive.  She's funny, she talks like crazy, she loves to dance, she admires her sister, she enjoys cleaning up.  And she has the biggest, most beautiful smile.  So although, these days there is some screaming and quite a lot of tears, all she has to do is flash me one of her Miley smiles and all of it melts away.

One of the things that cracked us up this week was when we were hanging out as a family on our back deck.  Bella was playing in our kiddie pool but Brynn was on the sidelines just watching her sister.  Until... She thought it would be fun to dip her blankie in the pool and get cooled off that way!

Ahh.  I can get through another day!
Enjoying every minute, every minute!

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