Friday, July 17, 2009

I learned something about Bella....

So I learned something about Bella the other day.  Well actually I already knew this but this moment confirmed my beliefs.  

Bella is a social butterfly, she needs companionship.  To her,  life is not fun unless she has someone to share it with.

Bella is also VERY sensitive.  If you say no or just "have a tone" she crumbles and is devastated that she disappointed you.

You put those things together and you have an instance like the one I encountered the other week.

The girls and I decided hit Great America (a local amusement park we have season passes for) just the three of us.  We were enjoying Wiggles World when Bell's decided she wanted to ride Wags' ride.  She was waiting in line very patiently.  As she neared the front I went around with Brynn so I could see Bella as she rode.  The attendant starting letting the kids in, and since the ride only fits 6 kids, had to stop kids from entering just as Bella was about to enter.  Unfortunately, I was not right there to explain this to her and a "pleasant" young man that had just gone through was "thoughtful" enough to turn to Bella and say, "No, you can not go on with us." in the most "sensitive" manner (not).  Needless to say, she was crushed.  She started sobbing and came running out of line over to me.  Luckily the attendant found it in his heart to allow Bella to keep her spot in line and let her on the next ride.  She was still very upset about what had just transpired and not in the mood for fun.  I was trying to shout to her, cheer her on, nothing.  

And then the best thing for her happened.  A little girl sitting next to her, waved back at her.  Instantly, Bella's demeanor changed.  She was excited, happy, and enjoying the ride, with her new found friend.

I was SO thankful that I happen to have my video rolling and captured the whole encounter.  Its hard to see, but just watch carefully Bella change instantly when the girl to the left of her waves at her:

 Bella will play with anything if she has a friend along side her.  She will try ANYTHING if she's got a friend with her every step of the way.  She'll play by herself if she must, but enjoys things so much more when she has someone with her!

I love this about my big girl.  She's very much like her mommy and daddy, that love to spend their days with love ones.  I pray as she grows she'll learn the meaning of being a great friend and grow to have many!

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