Thursday, July 2, 2009

$170 or $59.50?

SO I had to share something with all my bloggie friends.  I just got the best deal EVER!  This never happens to me and I am so excited to share.  Kelli you would be SO proud of me.

So Bella has reached the weight requirement where she can be in a booster (30 pounds).  I did a little research on different booster seats.  In my research I also read that its safest to keep your child in a 5 point harness as long as you can and until at least 40 pounds.  Since Bella doesn't care one way or another I want to keep her in a 5 point harness as long as I can.  Now the Britax carseat she was currently using could hold her until 65 pounds but the Britax that Brynn is using isn't our favorite.  When we did our convertible carseat research we found that Britax has the best safety ratings.  It's definitely the safest but probably the most expensive.  At the time we had extra finances so we just bit the bullet.  That's when we got Bella this carseat.  

Now when it came time for Brynn to move up we just didn't have the money to afford the Britax but still wanted its safety.  I amazingly found one only a couple years old for $10 at a garage sale.  Even though I was assured it was accident free you just never know, so buying from a garage sale just made me a little uneasy.  Also the cover's elastic had loosened and was always coming off.  Well needless to say with tough economic times we worked with what we had, so Brynn has been using this carseat.

The girlies wanted to be in the picture. : )
Now after my booster research I found a Graco carseat, also with good safety ratings but a bit more reasonably priced, $170, that I thought was perfect.  It is a 3 in 1 carseat.  You can use it as a high back booster seat with a five point harness, then as a high back booster used with the seatbelt, and then the high back comes off to use just the bottom as the more "grown up" booster.  Good bang for your buck right?!  Although, its still a lot of bucks.  Since this was not an absolute need for us right now we were just going to sit tight until it got cheaper or we got some extra $. Well now for the exciting story, I know sorry lots of leading up to it huh? Anywho, we were walking through Walmart the other evening getting a gift.  I actually glanced at the carseat I had my eye on and saw it was on sale for $155-getting better.  On our way to the toy section we walked past this display.  On it, it said $59.50 and below it I saw several boxes of the Graco Nautalius 3-in-1, the carseat I wanted!  I told the Hubs, if this is for real we're buying it immediately.  The Hubs continued on to the toy section with the girls and I stayed to ask someone about the carseat.  The lady scanned it, nope $155.  Must have been misplaced she said.  So I said but there are several there (this is why Kelli would be proud, normally I would have walked away already and not pushed it).  So she looks and scans a couple more, nope still $155.  So she asks me if I'd like to see a manager, and totally out of character, I said yes.  Well shortly Assistant Manager Steve came, looked over the situation and said, "Well we've got to give it to her for that price" as he's removing the $59.50 from the display.  Can you believe it!?  I got it for $110 off!  That never happens to me.  I can't even tell you how elated I was.  As I went to head to the toy section to tell the Hubs the good news, while carrying this HEAVY box across the store so fast so they wouldn't change their minds, I happen to glance back at the display and on the other side where there were mattresses was the $155 price!!  What a steal, whoohoo! : ) 

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