Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My day.....oh and 3 months.

What a day.
Let me rewind:

So last night I went to bed at 11.  Was woken up at 12:30 by Brooklyn needing to use the bathroom.  Then Blakely woke for her nightly feeding at 2.  And then for some reason woke at 3, 4, and 5 before falling asleep until 8:30.

I awoke to the hub's alarm at 6:30.  At 7 I asked him to get the girls up for me (I usually get them up and he graciously lets me go back to bed while he takes them to the bus stop, however today he had to leave early for a meeting so I had bus stop duty).  Got the girls to the bus stop at 7:25.  Came home, ate,  got the two littles dressed and left at 8:45 to get to our MOPS church in Gurnee to decorate the tables.  Decorated the tables with wonderful helpers, nursed Blakely who had patiently been waiting until now.  Afterwards, Brooklyn smashes her finger pretty bad in a door and then proceeds to get trapped on the elevator and we couldn't get the door open to get her.  So she went down and came back up terrified of course.  Left there to pick Brynn up from school at 10:35.  Then headed back to the Gurnee area, quickly grabbing lunch for myself before getting to the movie theater (we're part of a movie club that shows kid movies on Wed. starting at 11).  Gave the girls lunches I had packed while we watched the movie.  After the movie I ran to Walmart for a couple of things.  Then I headed to Party City to pick up balloons at 1.  Then headed back to the MOPS church to add the balloons to our tables.  Stopped to nurse Blakely while we were there too.  Then I ran home to meet Bella at the bus at 2:30.  Which I was then going to run to the post office to get the girls their passports (headed to Cozumel in January!) but found out both the hubs and I need to be present.  So I took our hour break to have the girls get their school and Awana homework done.  Then we left at 3:30 to hit our town's last summer Farmer's Market.  Then we left there a little before 5.  I drove until Brooklyn fell asleep to get a little snooze since it was going to be a late night.  Arrived at McDonald's drive thru a little after 5.  Got the girls' their dinner.  Nursed Blakely in the parking lot while the girls ate.  Got to Awanas at 5:40, woke Brooklyn and had her eat her food.  Left there at 6.  Grabbed myself dinner and went home.  Sat for 30 minutes and ate.  Then ran another two errands for tomorrow.  Meanwhile every stint we are in the car Miss Blakely is SCREAMING.  She was just DONE with the car.  Then at 7:45 headed to pick up the girls at Awana.  8:15 and I am again nursing Blakely in the parking lot.  Got her in her jammies and headed home.  Finally got everyone jammied and in to bed by 9:15 (with the hub's help who was finally home after having several late work nights including tonight).

Just now finally really sat down.
And just realized my baby turned 3 months today.

I'm so sorry Blakely!  All I do is truck you around all day picking up or dropping off or running errands, squeezing in your feedings and naps when we can.  I love you so so much.  I am so thankful you just go with the flow!!  You really are the best baby.
Happy 3 months.
How fast it has gone.
I just want time to slow down.

All smiles even though our day wasn't very fun!

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