Monday, September 16, 2013

Back to School 2013- Brooklyn

Brooklyn has been waiting 3 years for this!!  
 Finally her turn. ;)

There was no hesitation for this little one, just excitement.
Her friend Grace.

 We asked Bryce and Brooklyn to take a picture together (both of their big sisters were in school here last year together) and this was as close as they would get, ha.
 Got them a little closer. :)

 I think putting her name up excited her the most, she was always wanting to do her sisters' names.

 She clammed up a little bit around her teachers but wanted nothing to do with me sticking around!
Her teachers said she did great.
I guess she went to the washroom once and asked for help (I always do at home).  They told her they would be there but to try first on her own.  She insisted on using a stool like we use at home though, ha.  She did fine on her own but her teacher could hear her talking to herself with each step. :)  Now we've practiced going on our own at home and not using a stool or potty seat.  Getting too big!
 Her friend Abby.
 On the second day of school they celebrated Brookie's birthday.  She has seriously had the longest birthday celebration ever.  (started at the beginning of August and still going)  Since it was recent they celebrated now, versus her half bday.  She LOVES her birthday.  She still thanks God for her birthday every night when she prays. :)

 She brought in chocolate ice cream for snack and it was a big hit and perfect for the hot day.
She also gave suckers to each of her friends.  This also delighted her so!

This little bean is loving school!!

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Check these out!
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