Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Frozen Birthday....

Hi.  I'm the girl this blog this belongs to.  Remember me?  Well you throw a 4th baby and moving into the mix of life and a blog definitely gets forgotten!  I obviously have plenty to catch up on but my two big girls had their birthday party this last weekend and I just couldn't wait to share!

I had amazing support/help from my mom, my brother, sister-in-law, and hubby.  So thank you first to them for helping the party go great!  

So the girls decided they wanted a Frozen birthday party.  I thought this was perfect for them!  I love that the movie is about sisters.  Elsa being older and blonder, goes great for B"Elsa" and Anna being younger and darker haired, was perfect for Bry"Anna." :)  So Frozen it is.  However this turned out way harder than I imagined!  There is no Frozen stuff any where!  Everthing is sold out everywhere, even on Amazon.  So I thankfully found at least Frozen balloons at one party store so I was just going to go with turquiose and purple decor along with the balloons.  However when I went to pick up the balloons I asked the guy if anything had come in and he said he had a little in the back.  I told him I would take whatever he had! :)  So I did end up with plates and napkins so that was nice.
Party Details:
I just loved the little details this theme allowed!  I had so much fun with it.  

Party activities: 
To get "warmed" up while waiting for everyone to arrive, we played Freeze dance to the Frozen sound track.  Which the girls loved of course.  

After a little while of that, we split off into 4 different stations.  In one room the kids made their own snowflakes.  Auntie Bonnie offered design suggestions and the kids went to town on their own creations too.  
At another station, manned by Uncle C, we had Pin the Nose on Olaf- this was the girls' request. ;) 

 Third station was ice painting.  If you mix Epson salt into boiling hot water and then paint it over your painting, as it dries, it forms crystals on the paper that makes it look like ice.  So I decided to practice the night before and I must have done it 17 times unsuccessfully.  Finally, when I literally used up one whole bag and almost scrapped the whole thing I figured it out. :/  

And last, but not least, Mormor ran the "Make your Own Snow" room.  You just take baking soda and shaving cream and mix and it turns to snow texture and its even cool to the touch.  After words we placed it in vinegar to watched it erupt. So lots of fun!

After our stations I let the kids break out in to a good old fashion snowball fight!  Hallmark sells fake snowballs (that feel pretty realistic) that Mormor Domier had purchased for us to have a snowball fight with while we were in Texas, so I borrowed them.
After our snowball fight we watched the short slideshow I made of the girls this last year, then sang, and enjoyed our yummy food table!

Our food table featured:
My mom's beautiful cake of course, complete with sugar ice

We also had melted snow (water bottles), olaf noses (carrots), Olaf donuts (powdered donuts with candy corn noses), icicles (sugar candy sticks), ice cubes (blue jello gigglers), snow covered pretzels (hand dipped white chocolate covered pretzels)!

We also had snowflake confetti on the tables and banner on the door.  My mom also thredded cotton balls and had them hanging in the door way but hubs didn't get a pic.  And for goody bags we had snowman parts (pretzel sticks, mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, and candy corn) and it said, "Thank you snow much!"

And just some pics of the girls during the party:
So was looking at this one of Brynn with her friends.  Do you see what I see?
Holding hands with her classmate.  Uh Oh.

Such a fun theme to work with and these two very special girls were worth all the work! :)

Since the party the girls have been playing non-stop with their Frozen goodies and other fun presents.   My mom caught this sweet moment.

We just love these princesses!
And not to be left out, I leave you with this sweet face. TO. DIE. FOR!!


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