Thursday, September 12, 2013

House Update!

Before I eventually finish my back to school posts I wanted to do an update on our house hunt!!

  In case you are not aware, we have been looking for a new home for over a year  We are not looking to move far, but we have out grown our current home and are just looking for a little bit more space.  Back in December we got stuck in a short sale for 5 months.  In that 5 months, homes in the area we are looking made a crazy jump in price (anywhere from $20,000-$40,000!) and the interest rates went up.  In light of those things it was looking more and more like a new house wasn't going to happen.  With our high taxes on top of rising prices it just looked like we had missed our window.  Blakely was also arriving soon so we just put house looking on hold for awhile.  Right before we had Blakely we had put an offer on a house we had seen a while back but had gone contingent.  The deal had fallen through and it was back on the market, so we took a second look and I told the hubs I really liked it.  It was an absolute long shot, in fact our realtor and the hubs didn't really know why we were bothering.  But I really liked the house and it was one of the few houses in our area that was still asking a reasonable price and in nice condition.  However, where we were looking most houses got multiple offers and because of that were going well over asking.  With this home they were offering a warranty and a 3% closing credit, which we waived to make our offer look better.  But our offer was $900 under asking because we just couldn't afford to go any higher.  So basically a long shot.  But we were putting house hunting on hold and there wasn't anything else out there so why not.

A couple days later we were told another offer was accepted, which we fully expected.  So moving on.  A couple weeks later we got a call that the deal had fallen through and did we want to resubmit our offer?  Well there was nothing else on the market and we were busy having a newborn so we said sure.  Our realtor asked us if maybe we wanted to up our offer a bit to look better?  I of course wanted to but the hubs stuck to his guns and said we were staying where we were at.  So we resubmitted and again another offer was accepted.

So off to family camp we went, moving on again.  While we were away we received a text that yet again the offer fell apart.  So again our realtor asked if we wanted to resubmit.  Again, also, asking if we wanted to increase our offer.  Once again the hubs said no and he said this time we wanted to ask for that 3% closing bonus.  So not only were we under asking, we also added $ they would have to owe us.  So as the offer went in for a 3rd time I thought there was no way.  Well after a little while we got word that our offer was ACCEPTED!!  Third time's the charm!  Such a God thing!  

The timing is not ideal since the girls have started school where we currently live but God has a plan.  We have the option to keep the girls where they are or we can move them to their new school.  I don't mind moving Brynn.  We're hoping she can just move in to the afternoon class with several friends she already knows.  But Bella has been at Prairieview since she was 3.  The staff knows our family and we're SO sad to leave them.  Bella also ended up with her bestie again (they've been together since they were 3) as well as two girl friends she was close to in kindergarten.  Another issue is she absolutely LOVES her teacher.  However if we leave her there we'd have to provide transportation. So just a lot of decisions to make.  We'll see.  It all just hasn't really hit me.  Like the fact that we close in 3 weeks and I haven't packed a thing!  Yikes.

We haven't really officially told the girls its a go because Bella does NOT want to change schools.  But the other night I was driving with the girls and Bella was telling that a boy on her bus was talking about how sad he was that he was moving and she was comforting him.  Telling him it would be ok and that he'd make new friends, etc.  Afterwards she had this look on her face so I asked what she was thinking and she burst into tears.  Agh break my heart.  I told her we didn't know what we were going to do and that if we did move her she would make many new friends but not to worry about it until we decided.  So its a sensitive situation so we'll see how it plays out.  I'm leaning towards letting her make the decision.  So we'll see.

So sorry that was a lot of rambling but that is where we are at!  We got word today that our mortgage was approved.  We had the inspection last week.  So we're moving along!!   So now to get our current home rented and packed up!  

Definitely keep us in your prayers.  

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