Monday, January 21, 2013


And now our precious little middle baby.  What is there to say about our little Brynnie Boo?  She can be the sweetest, most sensitive little one.  She can be so helpful and compassionate towards others.  She is the first one to pray any time an ambulance passes.  However, there is another side to her.  The fearful and super sensitive side.  We're trying really hard to work on her spiraling.  If she gets upset its like she just spirals out of control.  Thankfully though the sweet, caring, loving, and quite a ham side is the one we see most often.  She LOVES school.  This year she is only in a class of 10, 5 girls and 5 boys, and she already knew the girls before she started so it has been so fun for her.  Even though, she still has days she hesitant to go and says she doesn't want to but she literally has a blast and loves it every time.  She's also that way when we drop her off anywhere, always just a little bit hesitant.  Brynn is so so smart and she retains things like you won't believe.  She can hear a song once and sing it back the next time she hears it.  She is recognizing more and more words and has hit all of her preschool milestones.  She is very proud of the fact that she can read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear." (has it memorized ;) ).  She absolutely adores her big sister and wants to do anything she is doing and be with her always.  But like I mentioned we've been having issues with fighting.  They'll have days where they will play for hours so nicely and then they'll have a day where they can't go 5 minutes without a fight breaking out.  I forgot to mention this in Bella's update but they both just started Ballet/tap.  I gave them the choice to continue with gymnastics or try dance and right away Bella begged to try dance.  Brynn at first refused.  She wanted nothing to do with the performing on stage she said.  I assured her she did not have to do that part if she didn't want to but she was still refusing.  However, after Bella RAVED about her first class, guess who decided she would like to do it? ;)  They both really love it.  I think their favorite part is tap, just love clicking those shoes! :)  Brynn was precious in her Christmas program (I'll do a separate post one of these days).  She was super nervous about going up on stage of course but pulled it together and rocked the bells like a pro!  Oh my little smiling, smart, goofy, shy, sweet, loving Brynn!

Oh this sweet face, I could just eat her up!
 Writing their letters to Santa.

 After seeing the Rockettes in the Thanksgiving parade, Brynn begged for a Rockette outfit for Christmas.  She could not have been more excited about when Aunt Bonnie helped that dream come true!

 Oh my little ham.

Love you Brynnie Boo!

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Kate Ferguson said...

Oh my word! I love her little smile and personality!!

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