Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Ahh, our current little baby.  This girl is the most hysterical two year old I've ever met.  She is vivacious, adventurous, plays a little shy at times, has the best belly laugh ever, independent, stubborn, and also so so sweet.  Every day just about the first thing she asks for is to put on some sort of dress up outfit.  She always has something on her or a special toy with her wherever she goes.  I've always described my girls as Bella is the kid that if you tell her not to cross a line she will stop yards before reaching said line, Brynn will goes as close as she can to the line but would never go over, Brooke however runs right past that line.  Ha.  She is SO cute and she knows just how cute she is and plays that up whenever she can.  When she asks me for something she knows she can't have she will tilt her head in the sweetest way possible and start nodding yes while asking permission.  Its almost impossible to refuse and she knows this. ;)  The biggest news with Miss Brooklyn is paci free!!  This is a very monumental milestone but I'll touch more on that in a separate post.  Like I mentioned earlier she loves, loves, loves her big sisters, especially Bella.  She wants to be with them at all times.  They are usually pretty tolerant but I know they enjoy nap time just as much as I do. ;)  I have not attempted potty training with her.  She'll be 2 1/2 in a month and I am just dreading it.  Its just SO much work and as you know my energy level is non existent right now.  We'll see.  I'd definitely like to have it done before baby comes, although that's what I said about Brynn. ;)   So the other day I signed Brooklyn up for preschool for next year.  Which I just can not believe she is old enough for, she is still just such a baby to me. (another motivation for potty training!)  So every night I sing Jesus Loves Me and You are My Sunshine and a couple nights ago she sang them both back with me and it just struck me how much she's growing up.  Sniff.  Brooklyn is also very good at singing songs like Brynn.  She knows how to count to 10, usually.  She however doesn't know her colors at ALL.  Its totally my fault.  You know with your first you're so good at teaching and working with them, well with each kid this gets less and less.  This 4th one is doomed.  I've tried enlisting the girls, encouraging them to help teach her which Bella jumped right at (my future little teacher), but hasn't stuck yet.  Hopefully, preschool can help us out! :)  She is definitely right handed and enjoys coloring with her sisters.  She loves, loves, loves to read and is absolutely obsessed with everything princess which isn't surprising with her sisters. She also loves Minnie Mouse, Bubble Guppies, and Elmo, or Melmo as she calls him. :)  She is also border line obsessive complusive.  She washes her hands CONSTANTLY.  I'm not even exaggerating, she will get the tiniest speck of anything and have to run to the bathroom.  She also loves to pray at dinner.  She usually thanks God for her food and help mommy's tummy feel better (praying for the baby).  Some friends of ours just had twins and Brooklyn calls their kids her babies.  She is also obsessed with them! :)  Although she keeps us on our toes, she also keeps us in stitches all day long!  Love you little Cookie!

Can't go anywhere without an outfit. :) This day it was a crown and leotard.
 She went on a kick for awhile where she wore this boa on her head, everywhere.  And of course a princess dress.  And yes we were out in our pajamas. ;)
 Again the boa.
 Somebody wanted in on my belly pic.
 Other day we were using a public bathroom so I stuck Brooke in one of those chairs so she wouldn't touch anything.  I went out to wash my hands and it was just SO funny to see this cutie just sitting there attached to the door.
 Super Brookie!

We were watching TV in my room when I noticed Brooklyn had disappeared.  I went to find her and this is where I found her.  In my laundry basket, reading a book. :)

 Such a little ham.

 Love you little bean!

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Kate Ferguson said...

Oh my word, so so cute!! Lucy loves dressing up, too! I am not sure anyone at Molly's school has seen Lucy in a normal outfit :)

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