Friday, June 22, 2012

A quick glance at our week.....

Crazy busy around here with fun summer activities.
I have been terrible about remembering to bring my camera or get my phone out.
But here's a little glimpse at our week for the grandmas. :)

Dinner with a few of our besties Friday night, all the girls matching.

 Saturday morning the girls warming up for their first tball game.

 Literally the SECOND the game ended it started pouring, phew!
 A near by town had a beach fest all weekend that included fireworks Saturday night.
The kids were so great playing until the show began.
It was a great night except when a glow stick cracked and sprayed in my eye and mouth!!
Ouch and yuck!
The mommas and Papas.
The kiddos!  Our sweet neighbor and her daughter also happened upon us and joined us but she wouldn't sit for the pic.  She's just a couple months younger than Brooklyn. :)

 Sunday morning (Father's Day)
We started by heading of to church
and then had lunch at Bulldog's with Kissingers and Levins.
I'll do a whole Father's Post soon. ;)
Monday the girls had swim lessons.
Tuesday we had a swimming party with my MOPS table and the girls had tball practice.  Also I got to get my hair done, yea!!
Finally blond(er)!
 Wednesday I don't think I sat still for a moment.
First we went to preschool story and worship time at our church, from there we hit the spray park with friends and enjoyed a picnic lunch.  I got the kids home about 1:30 and quickly got Brooklyn to bed only to wake her at 3:15 to meet our realtor to look at some homes in the area. (not anywhere near moving just curious at what is around our area)  Then we went straight from house hunting to a pool party at the Levins!
We have such a nice time with all of these guys!!
 Thursday we spent the morning at the park with MOPS friends and then had small group and tball in the evening.
Today we went to an indoor play place called The Treehouse.  Its SUCH a nice place but way too expensive for us ($10 a kid!) so we never get to go.  Then Groupon ran a special for it so a friend of mine and I snatched it up!  So today we went to play!  Its so nice because the kids can run around and play and us mommies can sit on comfy couches and chat. :)
Jill and Kendall joined us too!
Slushy break!
And after some dinner we went and watched daddy's soccer game for a bit and then on to cheer Anderson and Jacob on at their first tball game!!

And tomorrow we're off to a party for the special McMahon girls!

Maybe next week we'll take it easy more,
nah probably not. :)

Not Alone.


Read this:

Ever felt this way?

Yeah, me too.

Taking a break today. :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Little Water Bug....

21 months old and she is already swimming and kicking around the pool like a pro.  
She wants no help from us!  Crazy!
 She kicks and kicks like she has been doing it for ages. 
 Every now and then her face will dip too much and she'll take some water in but she does surprisingly well!

Of course didn't get my phone out but tonight she was sliding down the slide, holding my hand, but dropped in and went completely under at the bottom.  Also she was jumping in from the sides of the pool.  When ever we count she will only say two, so she kept coming to the side of the pool saying "two, two, two." :)

All 3 of our girls LOVE the water and willingly jump from diving boards, go under, go down slides, etc.
Bella learned early last summer to swim without floaties and by the end of summer Brynn was going short distances w/o her floaties.
We dunked all 3 of our kiddos as infants.  I know it doesn't work for everyone but I believe it really helped in their fearlessness when it comes to water. 
(Tip: The girls were only 3 or 4 months old when we did each of them, right before you submerge them blow in their face, this causes them to close their eyes and usually take a breath in and close their mouthes)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rewind....Memorial Day 2012.

So I can't sleep so I thought I'd do some catching up.  I'll let the pics do most of the talking.  Here are pics from our Memorial weekend.
Friday night after dinner with our buddies the kids cooled off while the parents chatted. :)

 And cooked up some s'mores!

 Next morning we had delicious pancakes at the Kissingers and then headed downtown for the parade!

 Ready to get their candy!
 Already being chased by boys. :)

 And then on actual Memorial day we had a small BBQ with friends at our place.
 Snacking with her boyfriend.

What a fun weekend!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012...

 Celebrating a very special man today!

It takes a special man to be an awesome father of 3 girls and a husband to 1.
 Loving, protective, leader, teacher, wanting to share his competitive nature with his daughters, compassionate, understanding, man enough to enjoy girly things...
just some of the things that describe this special guy.

These two are HEAD OVER HEALS daddy's girls....
And against all my effort.....
....he's starting to turn this one.
Takes an extra special guy to let his girls do this.....
 Who doesn't like having their feet decorated with stickers? :)

 We love you and can't express how much we appreciate all you are and all you do for us.
Happy Father's Day!!

And if that weren't enough I have been TRULY blessed with an awesome dad and grandpas and not mention a Father-in-law too!  It does not escape me how lucky I am to be SURROUNDED by awesome, Godly men in my life.
I definitely give them major credit for helping me be the women I am today.  There is something SO important about a man in your life to show you what a man/husband/father should be, telling you how proud he is of you, guiding you, and supporting you in every step of your life!  It is so important to have those standards paved for you, so then you can go out and know what you deserve in a husband and father of your children.
And I thank my grandpas and daddio for setting the bar high!  And I'm even more thankful I found the perfect guy to meet that bar. :)
Takes a special father to fully support his 18 year old that has informed him she's getting married.  And a special guy to know at 18 you want to be with him the rest of your life! ;)
Love you daddy!
And Papa Bear
And Poppi Domier too!

Thursday, June 14, 2012 at the beach!

Today was a day for the beach!!

Fun with friends
Even ran into my awesome college roomie!!  Don't see her enough!
Wish I thought to get a pic, kids were all over though. :)
And she's done. :)

 p.s.  So I could tell Brooklyn was starting to go #2, when all of a sudden she yells potty and runs for the bathroom.  Since she was insisting, I put her on the potty and she totally went #2 (and this is actually not her first time).  I have not done a LICK of potty talk/training with her but she wants to do EVERYTHING her big sisters do these days.  I am NOT ready for this!  So funny how things change by your 3rd child. With Bells I couldn't wait to potty train. :)

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