Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012...

 Celebrating a very special man today!

It takes a special man to be an awesome father of 3 girls and a husband to 1.
 Loving, protective, leader, teacher, wanting to share his competitive nature with his daughters, compassionate, understanding, man enough to enjoy girly things...
just some of the things that describe this special guy.

These two are HEAD OVER HEALS daddy's girls....
And against all my effort.....
....he's starting to turn this one.
Takes an extra special guy to let his girls do this.....
 Who doesn't like having their feet decorated with stickers? :)

 We love you and can't express how much we appreciate all you are and all you do for us.
Happy Father's Day!!

And if that weren't enough I have been TRULY blessed with an awesome dad and grandpas and not mention a Father-in-law too!  It does not escape me how lucky I am to be SURROUNDED by awesome, Godly men in my life.
I definitely give them major credit for helping me be the women I am today.  There is something SO important about a man in your life to show you what a man/husband/father should be, telling you how proud he is of you, guiding you, and supporting you in every step of your life!  It is so important to have those standards paved for you, so then you can go out and know what you deserve in a husband and father of your children.
And I thank my grandpas and daddio for setting the bar high!  And I'm even more thankful I found the perfect guy to meet that bar. :)
Takes a special father to fully support his 18 year old that has informed him she's getting married.  And a special guy to know at 18 you want to be with him the rest of your life! ;)
Love you daddy!
And Papa Bear
And Poppi Domier too!


Lee-Ann said...

Awww, those pictures are so sweet! What a great Dad!

Kelly said...

Such sweet pictures!!

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