Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Trip!

Sorry picture overload!
So this year we drove up to Minnesota and met my parents up there.  We got there a day (Tuesday evening) before my family so we visited the hub's Aunt Millie and Uncle Ted on Wednesday.

 The girls of course ate up the attention and had fun playing with silly Uncle Ted. :)

Some fun shots from our hotels:
 (we moved where we stayed the first 3 nights of our vacation- two hotels and then to my aunt and uncle's)
Brynn LOVES her Tag books, sitting quietly with her headband making her look like a 80's punk rocker, reading her books. :)
 These girls could also color literally all day.
 Watching a movie and snuggling. :)  After the movie Bella said she wasn't tired and then......
 ....this was her literally 5 minutes later. :)
 Wednesday night my family arrived and we happily spent time with them and my gramps, or Papa Bear as the girls call him.

Thanksgiving day Poppi was a trooper and gladly played Barbies with girls while Papa Bear looked on.
We just hung low and just spent time together as a family.
My momma whipped up a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner, that Cookie slept through. :)
 The turkey hit our bellies and we were cashed!
That night I hit the shops!  I told the hubs I wanted to go solo so I didn't have him rushing me and such but boy do I sure wish I had him around for some of the lines! :)  This was the Target line, can't really tell but the Target is to the right around the corner of JC Pennys here.  If it hadn't been in the 50s I wouldn't have stuck around but it was really mild.  I definitely prefer the sales starting at Midnight or sooner.  I'm much more of a night person than a morning person!

 The day after Thanksgiving we decided to go and explore my aunt and uncles farm where we were staying.  The girls loved seeing all the open acres and neat farm buildings.

 This pic cracks me up, apparently this is how my parents like to take walks. :)

Papa Bear loves Culvers so we took him out for a special lunch.

 Poppi said he wasn't that hungry yet somehow he kept ending up snacking on everyone else's food. :)

 After lunch Mormor and Poppi took the girls to see the Muppets.
 And then one last family dinner all together at Olive Garden, yum my favorite!!
 So thankful for these three little beauties!
Saturday morning Brookie having special snuggle time with Mormor.
 Saturday morning we had our pretend Christmas.  I made some yummy Swedish Kringle and then after breakfast we let the kids open presents.  We sent the men to pick up wrapping paper and they of course didn't get enough, so most of the presents were creatively wrapped. :)

 Afterwards we watched The First Noel, such a cute Christmas movie about the very first Christmas.
 We were so happy to spend precious time with our Papa Bear!
Love you Papa Bear!

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