Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Brynnie's Big Day!

 I look forward to this every year!  Our daughters' preschool puts on a Christmas program every year that I just love watching.  Our church doesn't do one so I always look forward to Precious Lamb's preschool's program.
 This year was Brynn's big chance!
Tried to get a pic of the 3 girls beforehand but Brooke was of course not having it.
 Caught these 4 chickies having their own little conversation, yikes a glimpse into the future!
 Brynnie and her friends Anna and Madelyn.  Cracks me up, but Brynn just towers over her friends, not sure where she gets her hight from. :)
 My precious baby!

 Brynn was the angel for the First Christmas reenactment.
 (Bella was the angel both years too)

 This made me laugh- Bella sits front and center and Miss Brynn hangs back and sits as far back as she can. So fitting of their personalities.
This little beauty found a little baby that she grew quite attached to. :)
 The girls enjoyed making Christmas tree crafts.
And of course the Christmas snack was a big hit.  Super cute!  Decorate an upside down ice cream cone with green frosting, string licorice, and other candies.

 Such a doll.
 She's so shy but also eats up all the attention. :)
 Such a fun family day!
And the biggest treat was that two days before this my dad (from CO) shows up on our doorstep to surprise us!!
I'm always sad family misses this performance so I was so thankful dad surprised us for a visit!
He was super helpful with chasing after Miss Brookie. :)
Merry Christmas!
Two videos for ya:
One of Brynn performing
Keeps on going even after being bopped in the head. :)
And the other of Brooke walking around the lobby and when she accidentally walked over a air vent, too funny!

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