Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nights on the Town

Well we kicked November off celebrating sweet baby Katie.  

Who is not such a baby anymore, since this was her second birthday.  But my daughters still call her Baby Katie. :)

We love going down to the city and especially to see our dear friends the Lymans.  They have a pool in their building, so of course the girls were delighted about that!

 You can just feel her excitement. :)
 The daddies and some of the kiddos.  Us mommies didn't want to get in and deal with redoing our hair and such. :)

 So at Katie's party last year Uncle Jake put on a puppet show that just delighted the kids, so we convinced him to keep the tradition going.  Kiddos loved it!
 Birthday girl!

 Auntie Shari gave the kids these balloons as goody bags, BIG hit!
 Everyone happily helped Katie with her gifts.
Happy Birthday Katie Grace!!
Can't believe you're two, I remember the day you came home like it was yesterday. :)

Just a couple weeks later we had the pleasure of going down to the city again for the annual lighting of the Mag Mile.

They have a parade and as it goes down Michigan Avenue the lights on the trees light up.  And then it ends with fireworks.  We've gone the last couple years now and the kids always love it.  Usually it is FREEZING but we've had an unusually mild fall.  So although the kids are super bundled it was actually quite pleasant out. :)  We went with our Usual Suspects clan - just missing the McMahons :(.

Waiting so patiently for dinner.

Can you even move my dear? :)
 Avi, Bells, Katie, Ellie, and Brynn
 Anderson, Avi, Bells, and Katie
Me and the girls, Somer and Shari!  Missed you Kelli.
The boys.
We had to hold the kids up to see the parade and there was one more kid than there were adults, man were we all sore the next day!
 The hubs started out holding up both big girls....
I must have caught everybody off guard with my picture taking...

Somer was ready! :)
 Finally I gave the hubs the baby and took Brynn, but man was it a workout to juggle all 3 of them!
 The kids enjoyed the parade, unfortunately the fireworks started abruptly and loudly and we had not warned the kiddos so Katie, Brynn, and Brooklyn were not big fans of the firework display.
Afterwards the kids were a bit wound up, and since the weather was so nice we hit the park for a bit. :)
 Afterwards, we enjoyed some yummy hot chocolate and desserts back at the Lymans house.
Started our holiday season of celebrating with a bang!!

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