Friday, April 1, 2011

The Ultimate Blog Party 2011....

Ultimate Blog Party 2011
A blog friend of mine was participating in this blog party and I just had to join!
What a fun way to "meet" new people and find new blogs to read.

Thanks for visiting us at Unfailing Love!
My name is Barclay.
Yes, like the dog on Sesame Street. :)
I am blessed to be a SAHM and former first and second grade teacher.
I started blogging a few years ago and I just love it.
Its a great hobby and a wonderful resource as a new newish mom.
I love dabbling in photography, so this is a fun way to share my favs.
Plus I have 3 ADORABLE subjects to work with. :)
We also live many states from any of our immediate family so we use our blog to keep them up to date on the Domier family happenings and to keep the grandmas satisfied. :)

Oh you also may notice I'm a little smily face crazy. :) Sorry couldn't resist.

I have been married to my college sweet heart for almost 11 years. He's an awesome hubby and an even more amazing father. Definitely a man's man. You might wonder how he does with 3 little girls, and although a little boy was always a hope, he couldn't love or be a better father to his 3 precious daughters. He's kind, sensitive, patient, good at challenging, always teaching, and a spiritual leader to all four of us.

Now on to the main attractions.
Our 3 beautiful girls!
Coming from two families with mostly boys we thought for sure we were in for a family full of testosterone. Yet, with each ultrasound we were, pleasantly, shocked!

Isabella Kathryn.
Mostly known as Bella, Bellie, Bells and whistles.
She just turned 5 and she is a pure joy to be the parent of.

Bryanna Karina.
Mostly known as Brynn, Brynnie Boo, Kickers.
She just turned 3 and she is our precious firecracker.

Brooklyn Blythe.
Mostly known as Brooke, Brookie Cookie, Little Bean.
She just turned 7 months and you'll never meet a cuter, more well behaved baby, ever. :)

Since they all just had birthdays or a monthly milestone you can read their update posts here, here, and here.

Thanks so much for visiting us! I hope you'll come back often and check what's new with our 3 little beauties!
I look forward to "meeting" you during this party. :)
(one more for good measure)

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    I used to be an elementary teacher but am now a stay-at-home mommy with three sweet baby girls. Bella is 6, Brynn is 4, and Brooklyn is 1. We also have a sweet Golden Retriever named Beckham. I have been married to the love of my life, Vincent, for almost 12 years. Although I hate the cold I am a Chicago girl through and through. And thats about all I've got!

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