Friday, April 15, 2011

My current assignment....

God calls us to serve.
What ever His calling to do might be.
I often feel the urge to serve more in some capacity, it's just the stage that I am in right now.
With three little ones time and energy is lacking.
Because of that I often say, right now my girls are my ministry.
I'm just trying to serve them as the Lord would want me to.
But I still struggle, wondering if I'm doing enough.

I started following this one blog, called Breezy Acres, while they had a little one born very early. I was praying for them and following their journey. Since then I have been SO encouraged, challenged, and uplifted by the author of this blog.
And I wanted to quote her today.
She wrote today about how I SO often feel and God just spoke to me through her words.
In return I thought maybe it could bless one of you. :)

"I had big plans this week around my house. My to-do list included things like sorting through the catch-all room upstairs, organizing for a garage sale, and deep cleaning my living room (our couch is disgusting!).

Guess what? It's already Thursday afternoon and none of those things are crossed off my list.

I want to get worked up and blame this little person . . .
She will not play by herself for more than a few minutes (not like her at all!).
She begs to be held, but just wiggles all around in my arms (or bites me--you should see the mark she left on my arm!).
If I put her down, she wants back up.
She wore me out yesterday, and I had a bad attitude. Just ask Ian if you don't believe me.

Today I was reminded of some things our pastor shared on Sunday (talking about David's training as a king in 1 Samuel 16). Before David was anointed, he spent his days watching after his father's sheep. It was a solitary, monotonous job most of the time; yet, he was faithful with his daily tasks and built a deep and personal relationship with God because he had little to distract him.
I want to be faithful with my daily tasks too. Even when they involve cuddling (or trying to cuddle, in Calla's case) a teething, whining baby and nothing else.
I want to do the little, monotonous things well during my day because how I complete those things is a reflection of who I am becoming. (And last night, that person was not pretty! Good thing God is still working in me.)
I want to work on my heart right now so that when God calls me to do something more (adoption, foster care, something with preemies . . . or something not even on my radar), I am ready. I want to be able to say "yes" because during these monotonous days of mothering two small children, I have cultivated a relationship with Christ.
These days do matter.
This little girl needs her mommy this week, and I want to love her well with a happy and contented heart.
That is my current assignment."


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