Friday, June 25, 2010

A sad night.....

So last night, during one of our many freakish, lightning/thunderstorms we've been having lately, I was watching it all happen out our front window. It was quite magnificent. Bolts everywhere lighting up the night sky, looking as if they were touching the ground. All of a sudden during the show, I saw this large pickup truck pull up in front of our house. Now in our front yard is this beautiful house/cottage the girls have. They just love it and play in it non stop.

To my horror I watched two men get out of this pick up truck and some how miraculously load it on to the back of their truck and speed off. I started screaming for the hubs and went running out into the terrible storm to, well, try something. As soon as I ran out there to my surprise a cop car happen to be going by. I immediately told him what happened and watched as he drove off in the direction the truck had gone. My spirit was so crushed. I loved that house, the girls loved that house, and I didn't think I'd ever see it again. I could feel the tears beginning to build....

....and then I woke up. Since becoming pregnant I have been having the craziest dreams. They are SO real to me and effect me so deeply. Thankfully when I wake the relief comes. I had one another night that I had totally been forgetting to go to one of my college classes, the panic felt so real, and there was no way for me to pass the class now. I was so scared, I truly felt I was flunking out of college, until I finally woke up.

Anyway, just had to share a little of my crazy with you, guess the bowling size, black hail in my dream should have tipped me off. : )


Kelly said...

Wow! I can totally relate though. I had a ton when I was preggo with Lily and I've just started having them again. Last night I dreamed I was back in school full time and had to leave Lily 5 days a week 7am-7pm- made me sooo sad!

Kate said...

Okay- I almost started crying I was so upset for you! I thought a hummingbird was attacking me last night in my dream and I woke up with the blanket over my head today!!!

HeatherOz said...

Ok, your post title scared me! And I was going to be so sad for the girls if they lost that super cool playhouse! I am SO glad it was just a dream!
I used to have crazy dreams when I was pregnant too! Most of them were about people messing up my plans to nurse my babies by giving them bottles!

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