Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Little Bean Update....

I just can't seem to get my butt in gear after the weekend to get a post out by Monday! And here its practically almost Wednesday morning and I'm attempting my Tuesday post. : ) Ah, such is life right now.

I thought I would give a Little Bean update. Sadly, Little Bean still remains nameless. The hubs and I can not agree for the life of us. We may just have to wait to meet this little one before we'll know what we want to call her. That so goes against everything in my being! At my last appointment (June 10) I was officially up 13 pounds. As of Sunday I was officially 30 weeks and as of yesterday Little Bean will be here in 9 weeks. Crazy huh?! At my last appointment we were able to pick Little Bean's birthday and it will be August 23! My favorite OB will be doing my surgery and the one that delivered Bella and Brynn, the one with the most experience in the practice, will be there assisting, so I couldn't be happier with how that worked out.

I'm feeling large, I feel like my skin can't stretch any more, sitting down for too long is tough because she likes to rest right up in my rib cage, peaceful sleeping is a thing of the past, and she is a kicking queen! But all that said, I love being pregnant and I'm just enjoying the blessing of having a precious little one on the way.

Here is my 28 week photo. Taken while we were away celebrating our anniversary in Florida!

I didn't have my usual pregnancy picture outfit, just the pants but you get the gist. I really didn't want to post this picture, I look enormous! Please notice there is a massive shadow behind me in the pic that adds to back and behind, I'm not that large, k? : )

Can I possibly have 9 more weeks to grow, I don't think my skin can take it! : )


Kelly said...

You look fabulous!! I can't believe you've only gained 13lbs!! Great job. I totally understand about belly shots and shadows! :-/

Thanks for your sweet encouragement about our new baby! It means alot. We are so excited! :)

HeatherOz said...

You look great! It is so exciting when the remaining weeks turn to single digits! Your new babe's bday will be one day after Daisy's!

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