Monday, June 14, 2010

'Member me?

Hello my long, lost friends and family! It feels so good to be back and writing again. I've been so torn with not having the time or energy to blog but really missing it! Thankfully, the hubs made more room on our computer so hopefully I can be back up and running soon. I have a lot of life to catch you up on. : ) I hope to have my first post ready some time tomorrow. Hopefully you have not forgotten or moved on from me in my absence. I promise to try to be a much better blogger, especially for you mom (someone, I'm sure, is going through Bella and Brynn withdrawal)!

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HeatherOz said...

Knew you'd be back eventually from your fun trip and then catching up after your trip (I know how that goes).
Looking forward to seeing you around blogland again!

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