Thursday, January 28, 2010

Drive Thrus...

So ever since becoming a mother I have definitely learned to appreciate the blessings of drive thrus. Although, for the first several months, baby carriers make getting in and out of the car easier since they quickly click in, there is just something wonderful about getting what you need by just driving up to a window and having someone hand it to you (I know blame our lazy culture blah, blah, blah). Especially if you're trying to get your child to nap for the day! The options of drive thrus are also so nice when you have decided to live in a place that apparently can not get out of single digit temperatures and likes to add wind chill just to make it even more fun. Now with my growing number of children, getting in and out of the car is becoming that much more cumbersome. It is especially hard the more in and outs you have to get in. Even the most patient of children begin to grow wary the more stops you have to make.

So my friends and I were talking once and we came up with the most brilliant plan ever! We think that grocery stores should have a drive thru option. Think about it. Imagine a small area where they stock some of the more frequently needed items and then have one or two employees manning a drive thru window where costumers can come up and put in a quick order. Think toilet paper, popular cereals, DIAPERS, milk, dog food, stamps, etc. You know, the few things you are always running out of and have to make a whole big trip to the grocery store just for those one or two items. Recently my poor dog went almost two days without anything more than a couple doggy treats and a few table scraps because I just didn't have the energy or time to run in with the two girls and we just didn't have time in the evenings!

Perhaps there is a list mailed out of the items the drive thru area includes, perhaps a limit on the number of items you can purchase at once to cut back on waiting lines and work for the employees, perhaps there's a call ahead option so they can already have your order ready for you...... What do you think?! Wouldn't that be genius?! I'd even be willing to pay a couple cents more an item (nothing too crazy of course) to have this dream.

Any other suggestions you'd like to add to my grocery store dream?

The only problem I foresee is, I'd probably be spending more money, more frequently. Although with a grocery store (and especially since this drive thru would only stock certain essentials) it tends to be stuff you honestly need and have to spend money on.

P.S. Panera, I would also like for you to get a drive thru. Thanks.


Allie said...

I think that is a great idea!

Burns family said...

I just found out Meijer has something like this! You can go online and do ALL your shopping. Then you can pull up to the special curb and someone gets it out of the giant fridge for you and ta-da drive through shopping! My sister says she thinks it is about $6 extra. The closest Meijer is in McHenry, which would take you about 30 minutes.

I am Lee-Ann... said...

I think that is an awesome idea and with 3 kids 6 & under I'd totally take advantage of it!

Kate said...

I agree with a Panera drive thru! I did the drive thru today for lunch :) It is freezing here, too, I hate it!! Have a good weekend!

HeatherOz said...

That is a brilliant idea! I will be dreaming of the day this comes true! I think it would probably save money cuz you wouldn't be susceptible(sp?) to the impulse items!

Kelly said...

Such a fabulous idea!!! Oh and I'm totally with you on Panera getting a drive thru! Love that place!

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