Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One Month, Two Months....

I loved when other bloggers did this, so thought I would follow suite!

Here I am at 1 month:
(excuse the leftover gut from two previous pregnancies!)

And 2 months (well technically 9 weeks):
(I need to stop taking my pictures at night when I'm beat!)

Sorry to be on baby overload, just super excited! And being that its the dead of winter and the kiddos have been sick I don't have a lot of fun things going on right now to capture!

By the way I had another ultrasound today and got to see AND hear the little' bean's heartbeat, so that brings me great relief and excitement. Unfortunately, she thinks the cyst on my ovary has grown but she didn't seem too concerned, but I guess I'll have to wait until I see my actual doctor on the 1st. Thanks for thinking and praying for us!

Also here is our little bean!!
(sorry they're pictures of our pictures)

At 7 weeks (wasn't it nice of them to label it for us : ) )
At 9 weeks
(doesn't the little bean look WAY bigger, must be a closer pic, yikes!)


Kelly said...

You look so good! I love your hair! It looks so thick and healthy. So glad the baby is doing well and has a strong heartbeat! That's wonderful!!

HeatherOz said...

Looking forward to a monthly photo update! You look great!
Just the ultrasound pics make me baby hungry!

KJM said...

What leftover gut are you talking about? You look amazing and as skinny as ever. - Kelli

Kate said...

Congrats for you all. I am sure you are super relieved and so excited :)

GapGirl said...

CONGRATS! I read your post from October.... the one about waiting on the Lord. Thanks you....

Hilary said...

You look great! I loved taking my belly photos and I'm so glad I did. Such a great thing to look back on, too.
And what a precious little baby bean you have growing there! What a blessing.
I hope you are feeling well!

I am Lee-Ann... said...

You look awesome! Sweet ultrasound pictures too!

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