Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me Monday!

Finally going to post a Not Me Monday!! If you follow me on Twitter than you already heard this but I thought it deserved to be shared here too.

I most certainly have never locked my precious baby in the car. Nope, Not Me!!

But...if it were ever to happen this is how it would go down:

I took a regular grocery trip to Walmart. I usually go alone but it just so happened I had the girls with me this time. Although I have two pretty good children having two youngsters along with you just makes for a long trip. Little tiffs here and there, wanting that and wanting this, drop everything for a quick bathroom break to the back of the store, dropped something back there, couple of whines for snacks, etc.
Anyway, I had finally made it through my whole list without too much commotion. Bella enjoys doing the self checkout so I headed there and finally, after several times of being shouted at, "to please place my item in the bagging area,"(I can only move so fast!!) I was finished checking out. I went to pull out my wallet and discovered I did not have it on me!! I hate when I do that!! Sometimes I just throw it in my car and it won't be in my purse and I never remember until I need it somewhere I am checking out.
So, I asked the Walmart lady if there was anyway to suspend my transaction, yes and she happily did. So I left my grocery cart full of food, bundle up both girls, and headed to retrieve my wallet. I was in the front spot thankfully (which never seems to happen at Walmart) and when I got to my car I noticed one of my dear friends was parked next to me. Her MIL was inside shopping and she thought she'd wait by my car to say hello. I placed Brynn in the front passenger seat so she wasn't running around the parking lot so Bella could say hi to her friend Mackenzie, I shut the door thoughtfully so she wouldn't be cold and literally as it was shutting I was screaming NOOOO! Yup, there was Brynn, my keys next to her, and the doors locked. We stuck Bella in my friend's car while we tried our hardest to shout at Brynn to push up on the lock button, acting it out, yelling, acting all crazy when she'd come close. Yes, we were getting some stares now. Brynn would come so close and then just look at us and giggle. I think she thought we were crazy. Why you freaking out mom, this is fun! She was having the time of her life, meanwhile my head is spinning with what I can do.
So as she sit there playing, laughing, squirting hand sanitizer into her hands and licking them, my friend an I were running out of ideas. Finally I remembered that she loves pushing the buttons on my key remote. I yelled to her to pick it up and start pushing buttons. She seemed unsure at first cause usually I'm telling her not to but finally she gave in to the temptation. Not too long after, by some miracle, she hit the unlock button (the smallest one the chain of course)!! I immediately opened the door before she could lock it again and scooped her up.
She of course has no recollection of this event. I however, will never forget!! Um...I mean if this were something I had done of course....

Go to Mckmama's site to see what others are Not doing!!

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Jules said...

I don't think you are the only one that this "didn't" happen to.

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