Monday, February 1, 2010

Little Bean Update....

So today I had a doctor's appointment. Thanks to many of you for praying and asking how things went!! Although I had some nerves still since I have this cyst that is apparently growing instead of shrinking, I was pretty confident that things are going quite well since this little bean is making me completely exhausted and quite sick!
So got weighed, blood pressure checked, and all that fun stuff. The doctor came in and I asked more about the cyst. She is fairly confident that it will go away. She said around 10 to 11 weeks (which is where I am) your progesterone really picks up and will shrink it. I asked what happens if it doesn't go away and she said as long as baby continues to do well they won't worry about it. So that's what I'm going to try to do, just praying on the 16th when I have my next ultrasound, we'll hear that the cyst has shrunk and I won't have to worry about it anymore!
So next was suppose to be the fun part, time to hear the baby's heartbeat! But apparently my vessels with excellent blood flow to the baby were too loud to hear the baby over so I got rushed downstairs for an ultrasound. Talk about panic, with two little ones in tow. Anyway long story short baby is fine and has a strong heartbeat. We even got to see the Little Bean's little stumps, that are currently its hands and legs, kick!
So after a little drama, which seems to be this little one's trademark, all is well!

Again I have more pic of the little bean but we're off to gymnastics so I'll have to post them later!


Jules said...

Glad it all turned out for the better...

Kelly said...

So glad everything turned out ok! I can imagine how scary that must've been. My sister had a grapefruit sized cyst when she was pregnant with my nephew. She was put on bedrest for a couple weeks, but then it started shrinking around 13 weeks. I'm pretty sure she still had it (although it was really small) when she delivered, but it didn't cause any problems. I'll be praying that it goes away soon!!

Shari Lyman said...

Oh Barclay, what a scare but I'm SO THANKFUL all is well!! Will keep praying for your little one and that your cyst disappears!

Kate said...

Yea so glad to hear everything is okay!!

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